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Why is S. Palin getting so much attention from the Lib media lately?

Its gotta be cuz of her book, right?.. I mean, I turn on “Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann” and he had her on his “#1” thingy or whatever.. then on AC360 they were talkin about her, then just a minute ago I flip it to the Rachel Maddow re-run and there she is again…
to YQ – do you know.. its ironic cuz they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. “Let him run!” and when he got the Repub nomination in ’80, Jimmy Carter, along w/ some of his supporters were celebrating.. they thought they had an easy win. Well you know how that tunred out…
crown royal – what programs has she been on?

fred k – actually the exact opposite is true.

Don S – the enemy of who? she wouldnt be getting any attnetion in the first place if they wouldve just forgotten about her…( like after the election was over). Now, the liberal media, who hate her so much — theyre just adding flames to their own fire.
г๏๓คгє – no, i wasnt joking. DID you even read my question? ..not just the first part? it doesn take a brain surgeon to realize that the liberal media is always bashing her for no apparent reason, it would be quite acceptable to get at least “fair” coverage of someone, not currently running for office at all. YOU are the one trying to “turn it around” into something… so, yeah.

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