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using audacity, can u make an mp3 “bounce” between left and right speakers?

just what it says really.

sort of like a guitar thru a leslie speaker.

the rover by led zeppelin and jake e lee’s solo in bark at the moon are good representations of what im looking for.

basically… just a trippy effect

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One Response to “using audacity, can u make an mp3 “bounce” between left and right speakers?”

  1. April 27th, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Audacity Support says:

    Yes you can. What you have to do is break the song down in pieces. Hilight sections of the song you want to jump from left to right, (you might have to do this a lot!) every time you want it to jump back and forth. and go to edit>split. Once you have done this enough to the point where you have it in as many pieces as you need, look on the left under the volume on each track you plit and alternate each one all the way on the left or right. Then export as a mp3. If that is too much try duplicating the track and putting a tremolo effect on each track and make sure there is a difference between the two and play it to see if it jumps back and forth like you want. Hope this helps.