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Trouble with neighbors? Serious issues that I need help with.?

The block that i live on was completely quite and peace full for 3 years. Soon enough we received section 8 neighbors. they were quiet for 2 moth but soon after became rowdy. in the neighborhood we also have a public park . Well the S8 neighbors have like 5 kids one being a 21 year old male his brothers close in age. They constantly speed in the neighbor hood, drink in the public park, litter, swear, smoke and yell. Problem is we hav little kids playing there too. They also have a daughter she has a baby girl 2 years old. 2 weeks ago we had a bounce house and the little girl came wandering over out of the house all the way out of the park and across the street to jump! without her mother! One of the neighbors notified the police and they took the baby to the station. the next day the mother came and yelled at the neighbor who called the police. We are constantly have problems with these neighbors and recently another moved in also causing problems. We call the police but receive little help. Every time we tell them to knock it off they call us racists. Once our neighbor called the police and he has a cane the jerks from the park came over knocked the phone out of his hands while the police were on the line and when the cops showed up they said he was hitting them with his cane! This is getting to the point of annoyance, stress, unsafely, and down right insanity. We went from a peaceful neighborhood to a mad House with cops in and out of the neighborhood. How could we file a complaint to Section 8 or possibly (if that’s what will only work) have them evicted? Im Very upset it has come to this but what else can you do?
Earlier this year they crashed into my backyard speading down the alleyway . They ruined 3 bushes, flowers along with an iron gate making $700 worth of damage we set up an agreement that theyed pay us only labor not even the full 700. We only got 60 dollars. We repetedly cal the police and the doesnt seem to be a lanlord or if there is he doesnt give a crap. THe police are starting to yell at us for calling with out reason. THIS HAS GONE OUT OF CONTROL! how can we do this fast???

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