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Party ideas for 12-13 years old girls!help!?

Ok Im going to have a party in may, I want my friends to have a really fun time. Its up to 2pm-7pm and it just a party.Not a birthday or a slumber party.Just a party. So far my ideas are prank calling, going outside to get slushies and going down hills with our bike. Bob the Apple or whatever its called.I dont want to pay alot for the party just 30$ I want topay.Please give me ideas fun ideas!!!

100 Years of West Virginia High School Basketball

From Jerry West to Randy Moss, West Virginia high school basketball is filled with legends and lore. This anniversary video for the West Virginia Boys State …

Deeper Voice 17 years old?

My voice can go a lot deeper than what I usually talk in. Is that actually my natural voice???

Revelion 2013 Interactive games for New Years Eve !!!

Revelion 2013 Interactive games for New Years Eve !!!

Regulated West Virginia, A Documentary On Life In The “Mountain State” During The Obama Years

See life in a mining state in a time of economic hardship and government over-regulation. Jobs are hard to find and the government is countering with the Sou…

how to throw a hotel party im 20 years old?

i want to start throwing hotel partys every week or every 2 weeks and charge like 5 dollars per person to get in (sort of a business)
im 20 years old so i know im too young for alchohol but i know there will be alchohol in the partys.
Any tips or anyone that has experience doing this?
Any legal things i should know about?
please lets skip the whole “ur too young to drink” comments

What is the best east coast (us) amusment park for kids 5 to 7 years old?

I’d like to take my kids to an amusement park on our end of the country – east coast. They are range from 5 to 7 years old. Any suggestions?


any ideas on any fun drinking games for new years?

i want something that will be totally off the wall yet nothing dangerous.

Toy or game recommendation for kids years apart to play together?

I have kids and two of them are several years apart. I have a tween and a toddler that enjoy playing together and I would like to get them something fun and interactive as a Christmas gift. Anything to get away from TV! Any good ideas?

What are some old PC games that have remained fun through the years?

So basiclly my friends and I decided to bring in some old laptops to school and play games. The problem is that they are low end laptops and cant play the games that are out today. But thats not a problem because just because the game isn’t new doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. (unless your a graphics whore). It would help if the game can be put on multiple computers with one disk. Basically I want a multi player game with the technical requirements between Age of Empires II and Halo: Combat Evolved.