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Taylor Phelan sing Sweater Weather Blind Audition The Voice USA Season 7

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Taylor Phelan sing Sweater Weather Blind Audition The Voice USA Season 7 “The Voice US Season 7” “The Voice US Season 7 blind auditions” Luke Wade “That’s Ho…

Weather predicts rain on my party. What should I do?

I am planning a birthday party for my son on Saturday (4 days away) and the weather is predicting 30% of rain. Last week it was a 50% chance and over the weekend it dropped down to 0% (they said there would be showers the following day) and now it’s back up to 30%.

I am wondering if I should try to reschedule the party now or wait until it gets closer to see what the weatherman says the weather will be. The party takes place outside so I’m pretty nervous. I wouldn’t be able to move the kids into my house (30 kids and adults are NOT fitting in my tiny house! Haha).

Bicycles and tires that change when the weather changes?

why do bicycles look flatter on cold winter days than they do on hot summer days.

Keeping Christmas trees out of the weather when on tree lot and ideas on other kids attractons for the lot?

we have 3 lots in NC and need to shade them while on display. Canopy? where can we get one? how much? sizes? other ideas on how to build a shade area over the tress. ALSO…. any ideas or companies that have kids “things” ie merry go rounds, petting zoos?

Would a child likely cancel his birthday party due to weather?

My neighbor just turned 7 years old earlier this week. His parents are having a birthday party for him on Saturday, complete with a rented air-driven Moonbounce on their front lawn. I just saw on the weather report that it might rain on Saturday, and we’re lucky if the temperature gets above 50. Is it likely that he will cancel his party because of the cold weather and possible rain coming?

Hot Weather in Richmond this Weekend

On WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, weatherman Aaron Justus provides the last weather forecast you’ll ever need. WTVR and Aaron Justus are in no way affiliated with this YouTube account, or with @FakeNBC12 which only hires fictitious journalists and unpaid VCU interns.

how to have a birthday party/sleep in a tent in cold weather!?

were going ice skating, and ima have a sleepover saturday night with like 5 friends (im only aloud 5!)
and i wanna sleep outside in a tent but my mom says no becuz i live in florida and its gunna be around like 48 degrees, how do i tell her that we would be cold and to let us, and how do i make it warmer in the tent? help!!!!!!!! AND WHAT ARE FUN THINGS TO DO AT A SLEEPOVER! with 5 girs

4/26/2012 — Severe weather UPDATE — IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, VA, NC be aware and alert

Possible tornado detected west of Elizabethtown Kentucky, heading east/southeast Towards Bowling Green, Somerset, Glasgow (Kentucky) …… further southeast Knoxville Tennessee should be alert to this storm as well. Illinois has one cell in south central IL near Mount Vernon.. heading ESE towards Evansville IN at the KY border…. its small but strong. also.. Ohio.. just northwest of Columbus.. heading east/southeast towards West Virginia .. storms in West Virginia.. heading east/southeast towards North Carolina, and through west portion of Virginia. Eventually the strong cells in Kentucky, will pass through east Tennessee, and then through North Carolina, and Virginia…. these states should be aware of the possibility of severe to hit within several hours. Use the links here to monitor severe weather in your area:

best view of Elite Weather Master 6 Tent.avi From the built-in lighting system to the hinged door and Auto-Roll window, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 screened tent is packed with features for comfort and convenience at the campsite. Hailing from Coleman’s Elite line–which is designed to offer the ultimate luxury family camping experience–The WeatherMaster 6 sleeps six people comfortably, with an extra-large footprint of 17 by 9 feet and a center height of 6 feet 4 inches. The WeatherMaster 6 is outfitted with Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system, a series of technical features intended to protect you from inclement weather and nasty storms.WeatherTec tents are built with a coated polyester fabric combined with anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers, all designed to keep you dry when the rain comes down. The tent’s welded waterproof floor and inverted floor seams, meanwhile, dramatically increase the water resistance by hiding the needle holes inside the tent and away from the elements. And in addition to offering fully taped rainfly seams, the included rainfly covers the doors and windows tightly and incorporates easy-to-use Velcro frame attachments. Add in a strong, wind-responsive frame–which uses redesigned poles and guy-out triangles to anchor the tent–and you have a shelter that performs like a brick house during a storm. In fact, Coleman is so confident in its WeatherTec system that it exposes its WeatherTec tents to a rain room that simulates nasty downpours, and to a wind machine

view of coleman Weather Master Screened 6 Tent nice.avi The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Tent has two rooms and plenty of space for the entire family. Up to six campers can sleep easily inside thanks to the 17-by-nine (W x D) footprint and 6 ft. 10 in. center height. Two doors?including a patent-pending hinged front door?offer easy in-and-out. An additional floor-less screened room provides extra ventilation on warm days, a great place for meals and gathering, rain or shine, and protected storage space. Coleman’s Comfort System allows excellent ventilation control via Variflow adjustable airflow, a vented Cool-Air privacy Port, privacy vent window, and all-mesh ceiling. A convenient electrical access port lets you run a cord from your device in the tent to an outside power source, while an interior gear pocket helps you keep things organized. Setup is quick and simple thanks two color-coded poles and continuous pole sleeves, shock-corded fiberglass poles, an exclusive pin-and-ring design, and InstaClip attachments. Straightforward instructions are sewn into the convenient carry bag, and separate stake and pole bags are also included.