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Video 12 — Don’t Do This at Domestic Violence Fundraisers

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Why do people link violence to violent video games?

Honestly, who among you didn’t play any sort of violent video game as a child? Whether it be Contra or Fallout New Vegas, games aren’t suddenly how to guides for mass murdering, and millions of people have enjoys these sort of games and and are well adjusted. There’s a difference between the kid who likes to shoot zombies and a kid who likes to dismember small animals, and it’s 100% a mental health issue. So why are video games still being brought into these talks of violence?

Is this assault & domestic violence?

First Off I live with my dad and his girlfriend. His girlfriend is in a wheel chair and my dad has major back problems. Recently we’ve set up a pool which has caused quite some anguish in both my dad and his gf but more so my dad because he had to take a week from work. So for the past few weeks that we’ve been setting the pool up(yes its took us that long to set up an inflatable pool) some heated emotions have been flaring and I guess it kinda of spilled over tonight, more so than usual.

Okay so today I got out of the pool and proceeded into the house. I got a towel and wiped myself off and sat in the wooden chair at the kitchen table where my computer is located. I was playing a game on my computer for a good 10 minutes when my dads girlfriend rolls into the open kitchen/dining area next to where my computer is situated and openly noted that I was still wet. I explained that I had dried myself and pointed out the towel I was sitting on. She claimed that the towel was soaking wet which it partly was so I folded it up a bit to help absorb more water. She insisted that I get out of the chair immediately to change or w/e. I refused stating that I was in the middle of a game and I would be finished shortly. We went back and forth and she began to grow impatient. She dragged my father into the situation and he began to ask me to get up. I explained the same reason I had stated early and then he began to get aggravated. Soon he began making threats about my well being, hurting me IE ” If you dont get up im going to break your wrist” like he has said to me in the past. Then it went from that to him trying to forcefully take the chair out from underneath me to get me off or grab different places on my body to get me off the chair. I turned around and he motioned for me next to I grabbed his arms and forced him back (hes old and im young). At that point he stopped and while he was walking away he smacked me in the back of my head.

While this went on I remained complacent. At the begging I when his girlfriend was asking me to move I may have said things with a sarcastic tone to cause humor but when things got headed I had dropped it and remained complacent ready to defend myself.

Is this assault and domestic violence? Next time my father tries to do this to me am I entitled to self defense?
I moved in with my dad for the summer. I used to with my mom but visited my dad every other weekend except for summers when I went to my moms vacation home. Yes, my parents are divorced.
My father is not in a wheel chair

Good Neighbor: Ellen’s Guild begins new chapter with STAND for Families Free of Violence

Good Neighbor: Ellen’s Guild begins new chapter with STAND for Families Free of Violence
Well, the first day of autumn was last week, but don’t think for a minute that since summer is gone, all the activities are over until the holidays.

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Scientology: A History of Violence, ac360 highlights

Highlights of Anderson Cooper’s week-long report on violence within Scientology. Go here to see the ex-husbands’ responses to their ex-wives: