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Family Camping Trip to Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

Join John, Cara, Abi, and Olivia as they go out for a family reunion in one of West Virginia’s most beautiful spots, Blackwater Falls State Park.

Kenya Mission Trip fundraisers

The FBC Kenya Mission Team would like to thank everyone who participated in our fundraisers in any way for this trip! It’s because of your help we are able t…

Game Changers: Trip Hawkins with the New York Times’ John Markoff

[Recorded: October 23, 2013] Trip Hawkins is a Game Changer and a Revolutionary, who considered interactive games to be a new art form and their creators, ar…

what should i bring on a road trip?

i am going to lake powell from colorado. we are going 5 hours the first day and 6 hours the second. what can i bring to do for fun?

What to bring on a car trip with a friend?

Me and my friend are going to Cedar Point this Friday. It is only a two hour drive but still, what should I bring. My car has a DVD player so I bringing those. It also has access to XM and radio back there. I already have a notepad, and a camera but what else?

what to bring on a ski trip?

ok so i am a 13 year old female going on a 3 day Junior high ski trip in jasper i have some stuff but im not sure what else i should bring so you recommend anything?

What should I bring on my trip???

I’m going to sisters lakes in michigan for a week, leaving on saturday. We’re gonna be in a house so we don’t need a tent, sleeping bag or any of that kinda stuff. but i’m thinking of bringing some toys for my cousins that are 2, 4, and 4. plz give some ideas of what i should bring. thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fundraiser- Field Trip for Head Start Preschool for low-income or no income at all?

Can you develope a fundraiser raising money for low-income or no income to go to a field trip? it’s a Head Start Preschool and I want to take them to a wonderful field trip something that they’re parents can’t afford and how would I start? some advice please thanks.

need money for summer trip, job/fundraiser ideas?

Our church is planning to go to IHOP-KC (a church) in the summer for this camp thing but in order to go i need money, my parents area helping me pay for it but i feel like I’m asking too much so i would like to get a job to help them out.

So I’m turning 16 In April so can get a job then.. any place in specific i should apply?
and group fundraiser ideas?

what should i bring on a long bus trip to quebec?

I am going on a school trip to quebec. I’ve been in french immersion for the last 3 years and this is my last year of it in junior high atleast and we get to go to quebec. The bus ride is 15 or 16 hours, what should i bring to entertain myself with?