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A lighthearted joke to ease grief about the tragic events in Japan?

The recent tragic events in Japan has made me a little depressed.

In order to feel better, I watched Godzilla in reverse. It turned out to be a story about a giant lizard who helps rebuild a demolished Tokyo and moonwalks into the ocean.

In all seriousness, please text REDCROSS to 90999 in order to donate $10 to the relief efforts in Japan.

It is tragic that having,

It is tragic that having,
In reply to Gaza flotilla: Bloodbath on the high seas : It is tragic that having, suffered at the hands of the Nazis, the Zionist Jews are coming closer and closer to such behaviour. Gaza, with its inhumane restrictions on basic materials, has been compared to “a giant concentration camp” and “the Warsaw Ghetto”. Do the Zionists not realise that they have steadily squandered an ocean of sympathy …

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