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Party tonight but never got invite?

So there’s a party tonight and I never got invited. It’s down at the parks rental building, I’m really wanting to go. It’s a typical high school party, but I have never been to a hs party. Can I just go and see what happens, or could I facebook someone and ask if they could get me in? How would I ask someone without sounding like a loser?

The party is tonight so please answer 🙂

Please no foolish answers

Lopez Tonight Show tWitch Talks MJ and Moonwalks

Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lop…

Why is the moon red and so low tonight?

HARVEST MOON…yes, it’s a full moon tonight. Are your animals acting a little crazy?

Our dog, Spike keeps wanting to go out, run around the yard ard bark…

Our indoor kitties are dragging out all their toys, running through the house…up and over the furniture…

Wow!!! What are your crazy pets doing during this full moon?

What is the theme for american idol tonight?

I was just wondering what the theme for tonight on American Idol is. Also, are the top three each singing two songs?

Where can I find the top Kristy Lee Cook wore on American Idol tonight?

I love the white braided tank top that Kristy Lee Cook wore on American Idol tonight (Wednesday, 4/16). Is there a store where I can buy something similar, or even the same one? It doesn’t have to be white!

Thank you for your help!

Gers Fans Going To The Game Tonight?

remember to have the LITTLE ITALY things with you.
and lets have a noise up. inflatable pizzas, mousers, and cigars.

Who else thinks that Miley seemed out of it on American Idol tonight?

Miley Cyrus sang the Climb on American Idol. She seemed really nervous and tense and was very stiff, and I think she squeaked on a few notes. when she tried to raise her arm to loosen up, the arm was straight and VERY stiff. Anyone else notice this?

What would you do if we were good friends in college, and I told you I had to go pay off a bet tonight…?

…but didn’t say what it was.

You know I’m usually shy though, and wonder what it could be.

Then by coincidence you are walking through the quad at midnight on your way back to the dorm, look across the quad, and very clearly you see ME, running very panicked, searching to make sure nobody is watching…..because I am BUCK NAKED!!!

I am doing my best to cover my weenie, but you very clearly see my white bare buttcheeks bouncing across the quad!!

When you see me the next day…what SUBTLE comment do you make to have me blush as I realize you SAW what i did **NOT** want anyone to see!!??

If this gets 100 answers American Idol will not air next season. Are you going to watch American Idol tonight?

I’ve talked to the producers, they said Simon is leaving, so they are leaning towards not bringing it back next year. So all you guys gotta do is get 100 answers and BOOM, we have killed American Idol finally.

Come on, I know you want this.