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Those springy things two people can ride at amusement parks…any accidents you know of?

You know those rides where two people are straps into this caged two seater thing and it rubber bands them into the air snapping back and forth? Ever heard of any accidents?

What did ariel castro do to those girls?

I know i can go on google, but i cant find the right answer, so dont waste ur time telling me that. I dont have cable either, so i cant look at the news, but dont tell me how to find out, just tell me what happened, jeez.

Where can I find those big inflatable balls from the Toyota commercial?

The ones where you can jump in with the water and roll down the hill in? They look like a lot of fun!

For those who play them: What’s the funniest/weirdest glitch you’ve encountered in a baseball video game?

I’ve got three:

1. Jason Varitek running through the backstop into the stands
2. Josh Hamilton going straight through the wall trying to rob a homer
3. Torii Hunter falling a few feet into the ground randomly in center
Bballplayer21, I love the moonwalking glitch. The only thing that annoys me is when the outfielders make humanly impossible catches by moonwalking

What are those tall outdoor crazy fan blown men called? Businesses use them to get noticed.?

Those birthday party places for kids?

You know. You go,they entertain,say princess or pirate theme,they dress up and play games. Anyone ever have a party at a place like this? Is it worth the buck? Do the kids have a blast or is it a little lame?

How much are those giant blow up water slides…?

I was planning to have one of those giant blow up things at my 15th birthday party in my backyard, but I’m not sure how much the price would be and what you would need in order to get one, do you need to have an insurance for the protection of those who will be using it? And is there a required amount of space that you *have* to have in order to get one of these things, as my backyard isn’t that big.

How to deepen your voice? Are those course that sell online reliable?

I am about to buy those course that sell online to deepen your voice, but I don’t know if it would be a wasted of money. Has anyone try this courses?

What have you try to make your voice deeper? I am desperately looking for something that can make my voice deeper.

how much are those roller coster pictures at amusement parks?

You know the ones they take while you’re riding, and then you get off and you look @ yourself and you can buy them? About how much do they cost? We are going to Holiday world and i want @ the very least one of them.

what are those things that you wear on your feet that make you bounce really high?

those things that are curved and make you able to jump high i see them in adverts and other places they are cool what are they?