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Portal The Flash Version – Thinking with Moonwalks – Inventory

Now without that pesky 3rd Dimension! Play it here: Inventory is Jil…

Tell Me a Story Jerry Ross – What Was I Thinking?

Jerry Ross, a veteran of seven space shuttle missions and nine spacewalks, tells the story of his first launch aboard STS-61-B and a moment of doubt.

The Interactive Games Lubricate Our Mind While Thinking Of The Earth

I am thinking about taking my children to Sesame Street Place. Can you tell me a little about it?

I see that there is also a water park. Is the water park and the amusement park rides in the same area? Also I wanted to do the breafast and dinner with the characters. How would I go about that? Is it right in the park?

Is it bad if your thinking about voice acting but have a monotone voice?

Now that I’ve graduated high school, I still have no idea what career I want to pursue. I’ve recently taken a interest in voice acting. But I have a low monotone voice. Keep in mind that I wouldn’t try for a main role. I’d probably go with a recurring or some other type of minor role. But would this type of voice set me back?

I am thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend, is it a good idea?

Ok he has never had a birthday party before and he will be 18 this year. and hes been pretty down about being 18 and never having a party… is it something i should do? also if so what could be some things we could do at the party??? HELP ME PLEASE…..

a friend and I are thinking of meeting in Dana Point this weekend but we’ve never been. what’s to do there?!

I am thinking of purchasing a kayak. Please help?

I have never kayaked before, but I thought it would be a great way to cross mild bodies of water to more remote spots for camping, fishing, and hiking. I want to know what would be the best type of kayak to buy; one I could pack stuff in with me, how inflatable compares with other types.. etc.. etc.. Again, as a beginner, I wouldn’t be doing any extreme kayaking, not yet anyway. I would use it to allow me mobility on water from one place to another with outdoor gear. Thanks for reading!

I’m thinking of having a camping party?

I need some ideas. i want to have in the end of june and have about 4-5 girls over.I live in the woods so there will be plenty of space. i need ideas about games,tents,ghost stories,pranks, and crafts. The age group is 13-14 year olds.

I am thinking of having a carnival theme, 1st birthday party for my nephew in the winter. Is this a good idea?

His birthday is in January. I do not know, as of yet, will his party be at a hall or at my house. I am renting a hot dog and cotton candy machines along with a clown and a moon bounce. I know I have to keep in mind of the weather. Is there anything else that I can do to make this party awesome even though it will not be traditionally outside?