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Top 9 – Sam Woolf “Hey There Delilah” – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIII

Hey there Sam Woolf! Sam Woolf takes his band performance to the next level by performing Plain White T’s super smash hit, “Hey There Delilah.” Subscribe now…

What fun things are there to do in Ensanada Mexico. Crusie Stop.?

Port of Call on a cruise I’m taking Memorial Day weekend. All of the Cruise expidetions sound lame. Anyone ever been there before? I’d like to find a really cool place to drink and maybe but a trinket or two for my friend lauren back at home. She couldn’t go on the trip due to family problems. So I’m drinking for her and want it to be something fun.

Are there any 3d (or interactive) online games were you can be famous?

like you can be an actress, a singer. stuff like that.

is there a place in michigan like at bounce house on jon and kate?

links please

Are there any actuall castels or large mansions for party rentals located in Texas?

its for my sweet sixteen and i would like a masquerade ball and i need some were really nice to have it any ideas

Michael’s moonwalk at Motown 25,Queen at Live Aid 1985,why isn’t there any more great performances like this?

There aren’t anymore huge and groundbreaking inspiring performances on shows,WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?
Please do not mention rappers,(they are not musicians or inspiring acts)

What good amusement parks are there in Beijing?

what good amusement parks are there in beijing that have awesome extreme rides?? and even better if there are good food =D. and if you know, PLEASE tell me the height minimum. i want to know at least 2 theme parks. i already found happy valley in bei jing but i dunno if its good. tell me please =)

is there any interactive human genetics breading game?

I’m searching for a scientific human breeding game which includes an Interactive genetic breeding between the parents which it gives the genetics of the kids, and of course taking the ancestors genetics in the considerationn

Aprx how many people have DIED at Disneyland? –On the spot there, not at the hopsital from Disneyland rides?

85 children went to an amusement park where there were three types of rides?

85 children went to an amusement park where there were three types of rides. 20 of them took all three rides and 55 of them took at least two of three rides. Each ride costs $10. Total receipt that the school had to pay at the end of the day was $1450.

(a) how many kids didn’t even try one ride? (Answer: 15)
(b) how many kids tried EXACTLY one rode? (Answer: 15)