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NASA astronauts train for their next mission in world’s largest swimming pool

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These amazing photographs show NASA astronauts hard at work training for missions in space – in the world’s largest pool. The U.S. space agency has built a swimming pool 10 times as large as…

Is their a cheap chair rental store in lorton virginia?

Who can be in the New York Football Patriots huddle? Is it just for players or can fans and their…?

inflatable dolls join in?

Can someone loose their singing voice?

Can someone loose their singing voice due to being sick but still have their normal voice intact? Cause my singing voice has gone walking from me after being sick but yet I am still able to talk normal. Is it possible that I lost my singing voice?


If there was a mobile karaoke bus available would teenagers be interested for their birthday party?

If the party could be a mobile style disco/karaoke bus would teenagers be interested? Or for boys, a mobile game station bus with interactive playstation games where they could compete with their friends.

Can someone change their voice to become good singers?

I love music and I love to sing! However, my voice sounds pretty bad when singing and I am ashamed to do it whenever I have to sing in front of others.
My question is, can a person change\improve their singing voice? Do exercises help or are they just for people who already have a nice voice? Practically, can a person with a bad voice become a good singer or it’s impossible?
Thank you.

what did you get your child for their 1st birthday?

Just looking for ideas, my little girl’s b-day coming up.

What do the professional movie makers use to keep their cameras from shaking when they walk?

I really want to make a good movie without the normal shakes and bumps of a camera, but I might be following an actor at a fast pace with the camera. I remember hearing the name of the equipment used, but I’ve forgotten :). Does anyone know what they use?

Sims freeplay goal says to ride on a neighbors inflatable toy in their pool but?

None of the neighbors in the next simtown have a pool! How do I complete this goal?

Do Australians have car wash fundraisers to be able to afford to bury their dead?

Im doing research to see what other countries do fundraisers like americans when they cant afford to burry their dead. I’m from U.S.A (California)