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Alf Talks About Eating Garfeild

Alf talking about how he would like to eat a giant Garfield balloon, if it were made of flesh rather than vinyl. I got this from this website called It is a very funny site!

KTRH Talks About Obama Trip To Dallas

MONEY GRAB: President Obama is back in Texas for a pair of fundraisers in Dallas and to talk about his jobs bill at a college in Mesquite. Democrats are hoping the president uses the trip to hit back at Governor Perry, but will he? Houston’s Morning News talks about it with University of Texas Professor Dr. James Henson.

LL Cool J talks about WORKING with Michael Jackson on the George Lopez Show!

Nader talks in West Virginia about the Wall Street Bailout

2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses the proposed Wall Street Bailout and his solutions. This is in response to a question asked by a student at the University of West Virginia, in Morgantown, on September 24, 2008. For more information, please visit Video by Karen Kilroy – http

Lopez Tonight tWitch Talks MJ and Moonwalks

Rod Blagojevich Corruption Trial : Former Staff Member Bob Arya Talks Live About the Case.flv

Remember where Obama came from. Chicago – In dramatic testimony at Blagojevich’s corruption trial on Tuesday, his one-time chief of staff Alonzo Monk said the two of them, along with fundraisers Tony Rezko and Christopher Kelly, discussed various ways they could make money through state action. Monk, who was Blagojevich’s law school roommate and was by his side through most of his political career, said the group calculated that each of several schemes would raise $100000 each and that the money would be divided up equally among the four. But Monk said he and Blagojevich would get the money only after the governor left office. Bob Arya, who worked with Blagojevich during his second term in office, joined us live to talk about the case.

Nick Faldo talks technology, club fitting, and how he gets his clubs just right

Nick Faldo talks technology, club fitting, and how he gets his clubs just right
When TaylorMade decided to create the prototypes that would eventually become the Forged Tour Preferred MB, MC and CB irons, three-time British Open champion Nick Faldo was consulted early in the process. “It wasn’t like we were beginners at making irons,” says TaylorMade vice president of product creation Sean Toulon. “But I think what Nick brings to the table is, first, a passion and a love …

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Minn. government shuts down as budget talks fail

Minn. government shuts down as budget talks fail
Minnesota state government has shut down for the second time in six years after political leaders couldn’t agree on how to solve a $5 billion budget deficit.

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American Idol 2011 – The Guys Talks How They Feel

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‘Stake Land’ director Jim Mickle talks vampires and Americana

‘Stake Land’ director Jim Mickle talks vampires and Americana
“Stake Land,” which echoes Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” and “The Grapes of Wrath,” has been getting favorable reviews.

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