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American Idol – AI Ladies sing with Donna Summer 21May08

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The American Idol Ladies sing with Donna Summer on the American Idol finale!

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Fun/essential things to bring to summer camp?

I’m going to an overnight camp next week for a week. It’s NOT very outdoorsy or adventurous… more laid back and chill. What are some fun things i should bring? Or just things i should pack in general?

need money for summer trip, job/fundraiser ideas?

Our church is planning to go to IHOP-KC (a church) in the summer for this camp thing but in order to go i need money, my parents area helping me pay for it but i feel like I’m asking too much so i would like to get a job to help them out.

So I’m turning 16 In April so can get a job then.. any place in specific i should apply?
and group fundraiser ideas?

Any ideas for a summer cteen girl tent party? Read details?

So me and my best friends in middle school (theres 5 tottal, maybe six if shes in town) are having one last night together. We are freshman and all going to different high schools next year. So it has to be amazing, we want to end on a high note.

So were going to have a sleep over, outside in my big back yard, in tents. 😀 Then were going to go to a water park in the morning. But what can we do at night? And what do we eat, food ideas?

CHEAP PLEASE. My mom doesn’t want to spend alot of money lol.

Party ideas for summer?

I’m planning on having a party this summer with a bunch of my friends but i don’t really know what to do. It’ll be a boy and girl party and we have to stay at my house (my best friend’s mom is paranoid that if she goes anywhere without parents with boys she’ll get pregnant).
Any ideas/themes? It’ll be in July in AZ so keeping cool is a must!
We’re all going into 9th or 10th grade. We range in age from thirteen to fifteen I believe…
I don’t have a pool and we can’t go to one because of the aformentioned mother

Stanley Cup and BOSS Summer Fun

Inflatable Games
Image taken on 2013-06-28 15:31:08 by US Army Garrison Red Cloud – Casey.

Large 12m x 6m White PVC Outdoor Garden Summer Gathering Party Tent

Read More Large 12m x 6m White PVC Outdoor Garden Summer Gathering Party Tent Windowed Open…

Cute summer party?

Last year my friend had a bubble gum party, and it was so cute and fun. We stayed out in her backyard, where there were tables with bowls of different gum. We had contests, played games, and had a whipped cream fight. For a goody bag, we got some gum, and a tooth brush. It was so cute, unique, and fun. I would love to have a cute, unique, and fun party like that, but I am having trouble thinking of a good theme. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for your help.