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Video 16 — “More Isn’t Better” at Student Council Fundraisers

The how to and style video 16 of our 30 video suite is titled, “More Isn’t Better” at Student Council Fundraisers by signashirt Specialties Promotional Fundr…

Interactive Games at the New Student Convocation at Olive-Harvey College

Professor Elizabeth Whitehead (Reading) explains an interactive game she and her colleagues used for the New Student Convocation at Olive-Harvey College. The…

Are there any fundraisers for an individual student?

I am a senior in high school and wanting to earn money for college through fundraisers. The only fundraisers I seem to be finding are those for groups like churches, clubs, etc. Are there any fundraisers (things I can sell) for an individual high school/college student?

I need a name for my Student Money Management Center’s new interactive game.?

Hello Everyone,

I work for a university and it is financial literacy week. I need a name my Student Money Management Center’s new interactive game that will teach students how to be financially smart!


Thanks for all input!

looking for a student rental in Myrtle Beach?

party house, that sleeps anywhere from 6 to 12 people, near the attractions and clubs of myrtle beach.
Where can i find such a!

What were some of the fundraisers you did for People to People Student Ambassadors?

I am hopefully going next summer to China. I really want to go so no posts on how dangerous or that’s a bad program. I’ve already researched it. Thanks for all your input. Multiple fundraisers greatly appreciated. And also places to do it at would also be great.

Where is a website that you can play a game that you are a Hogwarts student?

That or can you make that game.

What should a student who goes to Middle School bring on first day of school?

What thing does a middle school student have to bring to school on first day of school? Does he/she have to bring his/her laptop?

What is a good song to sing for a high school student?

Ok so I have a very versitile voice I can sing anything from classical to belty musical theater to pop to rock and country and I can also sing alternative. So I was looking for a song that people will lovebut is also a little diffrent. Ps I have about a five octave range so like the high note at the end of Seasons of Love is fairly easy for me.

Organization wants to have a fundraiser to help out college students in student loan debt?

One of our college student’s in our organization wants to sew scarfs to sell as a fundraiser to help as many other college students in debt, at the University of Texas, as possible. For every scarf sold the proceeds would go to students who are in $20,000+ of debt, would you purchase a $5 scarf? Why or why not?