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Parents of school age children, how much $ do you estimate that you spend per school year on fundraisers?

And do you like to participate in the fundraisers?

Would you rather pay an upfront fee in the beginning of the school year, or even make monthly contributions, as opposed to doing the fundraisers?
Thanks, and have a great day.
not forced, just
A) would you rather do fundraisers, or B) pay money, whether by one lump sum or monthly contributions in order to avoid all the fundraising, but of course by your own volition.
We have no family outside of ourselves, and these fundraisers, I always end up footing the bill for everything, and then of course to make it an equal amount of money spent on each of the children’s fundraisers (times 4 usually, within a school year) is just absurd.
Lately, I have made donations to the department heads of the school, of supplies (glue sticks, paper, pencils, tissues, etc) because it is tangible, and the district has made severe budget cuts.
But I think I’d rather just donate a flat amount at the beginning of each school year and avoid the fundraising nightmare, or stick to donating supplies that are in shortage.
NEsa, as far as I know, I proposed nothing in my question, just trying to assess what other parents do.
I am not even complaining about contributions towards my children’s schools. Sorry to offend.

I heard the rides in Vegas are about 30 dollars each. Is it worth riding? Should I spend it elsewhere?

I like going to amusement parks.

I am going to spend half the week in Seattle and half the week in Portland?

My uncle lives in portland, oregon. I am going around the second week in Augest. I know i’m going to a mariners game and the space needle. Is there any amusement parks, historical sites and fun things to do in Seatlle and Portland.

How should I spend my 21st birthday if I don’t drink?

I’m not interested in drinking on my birthday but I still want it to be special and memorable. What should I do? None of my friends are 21 yet. Furthermore, only a few of my friends live near me (I’m on winter break from school), so I won’t be able to have a big party. Budget is also a consideration.

Any ideas? I have less than 2 weeks to plan.

How should I spend the last days of summer?

school starts the day after labor day (september 6th). i have a soccer tournament on sunday (september 4th) so the only day i have to spend is labor day. most places will be closed, i have already finished all school related shopping and planning, and i am planning to go to the community pool for a few hours. what else should i do? i went to an amusement park yesterday

How much can I expect to spend in a good jogging stroller,and is it worth it?

I am thinking about getting a jogging stroller for my almost 1 year old.I love to run and think it would be fun to bring her to the park like in the afternoons after school.I was wondering how much they generally run,and would it be worth it?Also,how long can they usually use them for?I have the stroller that came with her travel system,but want one to run with.

What are some fun and inexpensive ways to spend time with your family?

I have a 3 yr old daughter and she will soon be turning 4 (in december) and I want some help deciding what to do for her 4th Birthday. We allready plan on doing a family party seperate from a friends party, because our family lives too far away to have them held together. What are some fun things to do at a 4 yr olds birthday party without it being too expensive? Thanks in advance!

How much money will the best man at a wedding spend?

My sister’s boyfriend asked me to be the best man and money is extremely tight at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions for an inexpensive bachelor party, tux, gifts, and everything you know, please let me know what to do.

How much does it cost to spend the weekend at White Pass, Wa?

I’m planning a bachelor party for my best friend and I thought maybe a weekend at White Pass would be a good idea. I’ve never been snowboarding or skiing before and I’m just wanting to get an idea how much it would cost to rent gear/get some lodging for the weekend per person. There will be 13 of us maximum.

how many people should i have spend the night for a camping birthday party?

girls only

medium sized tent

age 14