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Preschool University: Sound Beginnings App demo Preschool University is pleased to introduce SOUND BEGINNINGS 1.0 for iOS, the twentieth in …

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Can We Make Our Voice Sound Better?

from a bad voice to a nice voice?
I mean Singing Voice

Does this sound like a cool teen party?

I am planning on having a luau, and this is what I am going to have for it.

I will rent a tent for my yard, and put a few tables out. Each table will have a grass liner on it. I also have a grass liner for the trash can. Then I will have a little parrot and flower garland that hangs down from the tent, and put silk flowers and seashells on the tables. Also, I will have pineapple lanterns on the table. I will have 2 flamingo yard ornaments, and give out grass skirts, leis, flower hair clips, candy, an inflatable flamingo, and other small things. I will also have beach balls and umbrellas lying around my yard. For crafts, I will purchase white/black photo frames, sand, and seashells so we can design a photo frame. I will also get a few vases, and we will arrange silk flowers. For the activities, we can limbo, dance, listen to music, sing, or just lay out in the sun. We will either eat Hawaiian style food at my party, or go out to eat at a tropical restaurant nearby. Probably just eat at the party, though. The invitations will be sent out in a bottle with sand and seashells in it, and the invitation itself will be wrapped up in raffia.

Does this sound like a cool party? Anything else I could do to make it better? Thanks in advance!

Does your voice sound stronger to you than others?

For example, Britney spears has a very soft voice, But in her mind will her voice sound stronger and more echoed in her head than when other people hear her.

It’s something I’ve always wondered.

How can I make my voice sound like another person’s with audacity?

I imported a sound clip of shao kahn’s voice into audacity and wanted to make my voice sound like his. I looked at the pitch of the clip and changed the pitch of my voice to match it, but it still doesn’t sound the same. Is there a way I can make my voice sound exactly like his with audacity?

Visual Bliss UV Decor Dance Party Tent with Funktion One Sound

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What beats sound good with a higher voice?

Im only 12 im starting to rap my voice is still kinda high not crazy high but now low. Anyway what beats sound good with a higher voice? Im thinking AZ? Anyone else?

What quality makes a voice sound older besides pitch?

I have a pretty deep voice but still sound young. There’s some other quality to voices that I can’t seem to put my finger on… for example, Eminem sounds old but he has a high pitched voice, but I sound young and have a deep voice.

How can I make my voice sound sweeter and more lady-like?

My speaking voice, to me anyway, sounds quite deep and husky, and I don’t think its nice for a girl to have that :/ How can I get a more calm, sweeter voice? A good example would be Kate Middleton. Any exercises or tips you could give me? I hate my voice. And I’m not talking about my singing voice.