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Want to buy something for $6.00 or less?

It’s for a fundraiser.

would the moon ever look a different color something like orange or red near the future?

i have been noticing it turn very yellow during these days. Just curious about this

Something fun to do?

What is something fun to do with a family of 6 and not cost a lot of money?

NEW! TRAILER – “Something in the Woods” – INTERACTIVE HORROR GAME!

Coming out this Friday the 13th*** A new survival horror game that will bring back purpose to the meaning of “Interactive Youtube Gaming.” A short but swe…

Battle: Say Something (A Great Big World) | The Voice Kids 2014 Germany | Battle

Das geht ans Herz! Samuel, Sabeschni und Hannah ergänzen sich gesanglich perfekt und geben ein tolles Team ab. Jetzt werden junge Talente gesucht: The Voice …

Teachers, pre-educators.. What would be something that you would buy from a fundraiser?

Lesson plan books, stamps, classroom supplies.. what is something that if an organization was selling for a fundraiser, would you purchase?

Ddendyl vs. Deja Hall: “Say Something” (The Voice Highlight)

With a trip to the play-offs on the line, Ddendyl and Deja sing a transcendent duet, A Great Big World’s “Say Something.” Subscribe to The Voice: http://full…

Something wrong with my voice?

how come wen i speak regularly i can hear my voice fine
but if your record it with a cam then it sounds totally different.
why? and which one is my actual voice?
Ok well not TOTALLY differrent like a different person, but its a bit more higher and like a slightly more differnt tone then what i hear. and it sounds kinda wierd i which voice would people hear with? the one i hear or the one in the cam?

what’s something random that you’ve always wanted to do?

I need something to do fo a fundraiser…?

I’m in NJHS, and I’m going to New York City. However, I need to make $1,059. I’ve gotten a fundraiser, but…it’s candles, I mean, come on! I need something to do to make some money. (But the first payment is only $350.) Suggestions?