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‘ISS — Is Somebody Singing?’

Fri, May 3: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, along with a student choir at the Ontario Science Centre, sings from space. For more info, please go to http:/…

Christina Grimmie and Adam Levine: “Somebody That I Used to Know” (The Voice Highlight)

Christina Grimmie teams up with her coach, Adam Levine, to sing Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Subscribe to The Voice: » See T…

MJ Fam:What would you say if somebody came n said MJ didn’t do the Moonwalk,its just an illusion?

Some guy said tht to me n I was like he can’t trick those who watch him LIVE.It ain’t a trick.He actually does that.What would you say?
I’m not that naive to care about haters.It worried me ‘cos a fan said so.
@He tarzan,me jane auten:I’m not that naive to care about haters.It worried me ‘cos a fan said so.
@Bonk:Why bother answering when u know ur gonna get TDs.
@endpov:He did make the Moonwalk He was just ‘inspired’ by the street kids n modified the step they were doin’.
If anyone doubts if I’m a fan or not lemme make this clear tht though I’m a fan since 2009 only,if u tried to compete with me who’s a bigger fan,I can give you a tough time.

Pedro Garcia – “Use Somebody” Pixie Lott – The Voice Portugal – Provas Cegas – Season 2

Subscreve o nosso canal do “The Voice Portugal” Mais do The Voice Portugal:…

Can somebody tell me how am I supposed to do the “Moonwalk” popularized by Michael Jackson?

That lookes like exactly the one Micahel Jackson does.

Somebody please explain to me like I’m retarded how to moonwalk like Michael Jackson! Help?

I want to learn the moonwalk. It looks soo easy on the intructional vid but I cant do it!!! Help and explain like I’m dumb.

What would you say about this comment somebody made?

I was on this forum and the topic was that this guy said he couldn’t moonwalk.
The other guy replied (Matt200), “Be happy that you can dance”.
The ignorant guy (12JMan12) said this to the guy that started the topic, replied, ” Matt200 cant even dance he look like a SPECIAL ED kid yah heard.”

Would would you have said about the special ed comment?

Do you think somebody will ever invent a 3-D fully interactive video game?

I mean put on a head set and gloves and it pretty much transports you into the game. Example; Fallout 3. How cool would it be if you could put on a head set and gloves turn your head to the left and look left, bend down pick a grenade and just chunk it at an enemy. Or like a Madden game that puts you right in the action you could block, pass, tackle. Just something I wish I knew more about.

Daniel Rosa’s Blind Audition: “Somebody That I Used to Know” – The Voice

The second time’s the charm for Daniel as he nails “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Subscribe to The Voice: Get more of The Voice The Voice: Full Episode: Like The Voice: Follow The Voice: The Voice Tumblr: The Voice Pinterest: Get more NBC: Full Episodes: NBC YouTube: Follow NBC: Like NBC: NBC Pinterest: NBC Tumblr: Daniel Rosa’s Blind Audition: “Somebody That I Used to Know” – The Voice

Can somebody help me with party planning for my sweet 16?

Can anyone tell me if u can rent a bounce house overnight and if so, what would be the estimated cost???

I’m on a budget so if u can provide links to some places that provide bounce house rentals in TX that would be great. =]