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The Voice UK 2014 Blind Auditions Rachael O’Connor singing ‘Clown’ FULL

Rachael O’Connor singing ‘Clown’ by Emile Sande in her Blind Audition All rights belong to BBC and it’s show The Voice UK.

‘ISS — Is Somebody Singing?’

Fri, May 3: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, along with a student choir at the Ontario Science Centre, sings from space. For more info, please go to http:/…

How to develop a husky singing voice?

How long would it take? Does it depend on your speaking voice?

Singing voice to high? HELP!!!!?

So I really need help with singing. I love to sing but I’m not very good. I have a very
VERY high pitched voice. I’m a 13 year old girl and my singing voice still sounds like it did when I was little only clearer. Is there anyway to make my voice deeper? Not like really deep it’s just I hate it so high! Any other tips would be very apreciated! I may be the only one that thinks high pitched singing sounds bad? Any other tips would be great too!

How do I improve my singing voice?

I would like to make my singing voice sound better.

American Idol is just about singing, right?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we started arguing about american idol being a talent show. He was saying he could win American Idol because he can eat about 5 Big Macs in 1 minute [stupid thing, I know, but that’s not the point] and I told him that American Idol is just about singing. Now we’re arguing about the fact that he says I’m wrong and you can do whatever you like to win, and I keep on going that American Idol is just about singing. So am I right?

Are there any coupon codes for American Idol Singing Star?

Where can I find a coupon code for American Idol Singing Star

Can someone loose their singing voice?

Can someone loose their singing voice due to being sick but still have their normal voice intact? Cause my singing voice has gone walking from me after being sick but yet I am still able to talk normal. Is it possible that I lost my singing voice?


How to improve my singing voice without Professional help?

i want to audition for the X Factor in 2 years and i would like to improve my voice. My parents wont get lessons and they don’t even want me to audition. i would like to improve my voice to show them i can do it. any tips? thank you!

What exercises can i use to make my singing voice stronger?

I have problems making my voice strong, moreover when I sing high notes. If you’ve Ever heard of Ariana Grande, I’ve been practicing her cover of only girl in the world and I want to make my voice stronger like hers. Any tips?