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4/26/2012 — Severe weather UPDATE — IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, VA, NC be aware and alert

Possible tornado detected west of Elizabethtown Kentucky, heading east/southeast Towards Bowling Green, Somerset, Glasgow (Kentucky) …… further southeast Knoxville Tennessee should be alert to this storm as well. Illinois has one cell in south central IL near Mount Vernon.. heading ESE towards Evansville IN at the KY border…. its small but strong. also.. Ohio.. just northwest of Columbus.. heading east/southeast towards West Virginia .. storms in West Virginia.. heading east/southeast towards North Carolina, and through west portion of Virginia. Eventually the strong cells in Kentucky, will pass through east Tennessee, and then through North Carolina, and Virginia…. these states should be aware of the possibility of severe to hit within several hours. Use the links here to monitor severe weather in your area:

How do you get rid of severe neck pain from an ingery?

I was bouncing around on a moon bounce today and ended up landing off ballence on my neck (which then bent painfully)
it is now about 7 hours after the event and my neck is still hurting very bad (if not worse)
I also have moderate scoliosis if it makes a differance

thanks for answering

Severe Storm 6/16/08 Fairmont, WV

Video of a sever storm that just missed us. Music is Eric Johnson – Ah Via Musicom and Van Halen – Respect the wind from the Twister soundtrack.

Why is god destroying thousands of people’s lives in the Midwest with severe flooding?

On AC360 last night, they interviewed a couple who lost everything to 10 foot flood waters. In a couple of minutes, 50 years of memories were washed away. They are too heartbroken to return to the remains of their house, and will end up moving away after 76 years in that small town. They are forced to restart everything in their old age.

Interestingly enough, the wife said that she didn’t know why god did this to them, but he did it for a reason. What exactly is that reason?
Tranquil Water: I’m not blaming god for anything, a christian fully accepts that this was god’s doing.
hiba: If it were satan, why didn’t god stop him?
Viterbo: You gave me a good laugh. I don’t believe in god, and well you can’t hate something that isn’t there. Let me say this again, I’m asking what is the reason that the lady meant when she said that the destruction of her home was god’s doing. Maybe you should be asking her if she is a god-hater.
Lime Kitty: FINALLY SOMEONE GETS THE REFERENCE! I’ve had too many people assume that I am an actual whore 🙂