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Only One (Tavon Austin Senior Highlights)

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Publix Supermarket (Where Shopping is a Pleasure) .. Senior tired of endless fundraisers outside stores — Enough is Enough. (January 27, 2012) …item 2.. Original Pictures Taken in the 1960s …

Image taken on 2012-01-31 09:17:27 by marsmet511.

Quick and Easy Fundraiser for Senior Scholarship?

4 senior girls are trying to raise money for a senior scholarship. we need some ideas on quick and easy fundraisers to make some money! any ideas?

Fundraiser Ideas For Senior Trip?

What kind of fundraisers are pretty good ways to raise money?

We are going to Hawaii and we need to make moneyyy.

We already did a car wash.
What other ideas can we do?

Senior Citizens, did you ever live near an amusement park?

Or was the closest thing to that, the county fair with amusement rides? What was your most favorite ride as a child or teenager?

What are good props to bring for Senior Portraits?

I am going to bring my guitar because I have been playing for a good while and it is a big part of me, but I don’t know what else to bring. I like to paint and I am a performer but paintbrushes and microphones just sound cheesy. Any ideas?

The Cheer Leader Video Blog for Megan Glisson’s Senior year as High School Captain

INSIDE THIS VIDEO you will get ideas to help your school cheer team have the best year ever: *FUN fundraisers for all! *Captain appreciation ideas *Team parties/goodies *Pep Rally creations *Team Camp/YB Photo Locations *Senior Party *Junior gifts to Seniors *Coaches/Activity Director appreciation *Year end Party I hope you have a fantastic cheer year and hope this video helps. Love, Megan

What should i take to Senior Week and how much money?

My friends and I just booked a house in Myrtle beach for Senior Week and im starting to plan what to take (mostly to save money). Our parents are paying for housing and some groceries but ill need money for gas, clubs, shopping, and of course beer (yes our parents know we will be drinking). I need to pack light because I have to pack my stuff and a friends stuff in my 2dr wrangler with him riding. What should i bring, especially fun wise?

Tavon Austin West Virginia Senior Year Highlights

I do not own these clips or the song, they belong to their respected owners Tavon Austin in his final year of college 2012

MS137 Senior Picnic 2011- Bouncy Race

So this is at MS137 at the Senior Picnic. So awesome!!! On this moon bounce, a bungee rope thing is making it hard to run far but it was too fun. Karen vs. Tarika(me). Who will win? The world may never know (but its me) ha ha :P.