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Gracie “moonwalks” & says bye bye

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Top 8 Redux: Behind The Scenes: Malaya Watson Says Goodbye: American Idol XIII 2014

Still Rolling: Top 8 Redux Week The cameras didn’t stop after Malaya’s surprising elimination. Watch as she says goodbye for the last time on the Idol stage!…

Anthony Party Rentals says Sign A Rama Norristown is “Sign Company of Choice”

Anthony loves SignARama Norristown and send a letter explaining why. Call Gene and the Sign-A-Rama team today to turn your vehicle into a moving advertisemen…

Donors’ social identity matters to fundraisers, says Professor Adrian Sargeant

Professor Adrian Sargeant continues to demonstrate why a donor’s sense of social identity is important to fundraisers. Talking about research conducted in th…

Sims freeplay goal says to ride on a neighbors inflatable toy in their pool but?

None of the neighbors in the next simtown have a pool! How do I complete this goal?

I bought a movie from and just received it but it says rental on it why?

I bought it used for 5 or 6 dollars but when I got it it said rental on it with regular artwork. Do I have to return this back?

How do I go about to make the creepy voice for the Saw movie where he says “I want to play a game”?

Is there some place online where I can put an audio file of my voice and have it save it as the creepy voice? I am looking for this specific voice. The cheaper the better. This will be used as a voice over for a youtube video.

How to handle a toddler who says she sees a ghost?

My daughter who is 2.5 mentionted that she saw a ghost under her toy table a few days ago. Today her dad took her to a indoor bounce house and she always has alot of fun, but this time she started to cry and shake and grabbed on to her fathers shirt and wanted to leave. So said it’s a boy ghost her size that has a long face. How should I handle this? Is this normal?

Sh*t Nobody Says at WVU

Sh*t Nobody Says at WVU Twitter – @pcush

Quizmania Aug 21st 2008 – Peter Simon says….