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Safety connection Bounce House with a blower

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Check the best way to connect a bounce house to a blower.

Chuggington – Do you want to be a Safety Trainee?

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Importance of Bounce House Safety and What You Should Know

America Now News reports on the importance of Bounce House Safety with the help of Sam Bagumyan from Magic Jump Inc. a U.S. inflatable manufacturer. Inflatab…

Bounce house dangers, precautions to take to ensure safety

Bounce house tragedies in Colorado and New York prompt Hawai’i families and bounce house companies to take extra care when securing the popular childhood amu…

Health officials question West Virginia water safety

Some West Virginia families and even health officials question reports that claim it’s now safe to drink the water.

Avalanche Amusement Ride Safety Checklist Mobile App Conducting routine checks on amusement rides is now effortless when…

Bounce House (Inflatable) Safety for Users

A brief look at the dangers and risks associated with inflatable bounce houses. UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Student Class Project for HFT 36…

FAQ: What are the safety rules for moonwalks?

At Affordable Moonwalk Rentals, the safety of your children is our priority. We do have a few safety rules to help ensure that your children stay safe while …

Break of a Rental Lease due to a threat on personal safety?

If a person is frightened of one of their roommates, can a lease in the state of Michigan be broken or voided in some way to avoid penalization?
The current rule in the lease is that a 45 day notice of move out must be made and two months rent provided. The office states that even if a single person on a lease leaves, and no longer lives at the residence, they are still required to pay rent on said unit.

The situation is that The Leaver found a nice, inexpensive place and asked The Roommate and the The roommates Boyfriend if they would still like to break the lease and go their separate ways. Both parties agreed to leave by the end of the month (less than 25 days away).
After finding out the total cost to break the lease (around $2500) The Boyfriend has a mental blowup and said he was going to kick the ass of The Leaver as well as kill The Leaver. The Boyfriend owns a gun and is known to have an irrational, violent, temper.
Once confronted as having said this, The Boyfriend responded as having been joking about what had been said. The Leaver did not take the death threat well and is in the process of moving her stuff out.
The Leaver contacted the office to let them know she was, in fact, leaving and they told her even though she was not or could not live in the apartment that she was still contracted to pay the rent. AND if the other parties left the unit she would be liable for any fees if the full rent was not paid on time.

Now, the main question. If The Leaver is too afraid for her personal safety to live or even to enter her own unit due to the words and actions of a roommate is she allowed to be released from the rental agreement without substantial fees?

Safety steps for renting from private renter?

I want to rent a condo from a private renter. We have agreed on a price and rental length, and will be getting a contract together soon. what are some steps i can take to cover my butt and make sure i dont get ripped off? also, should the rental contract be notarized? any steps or tips that would helpensure i cover protect myslef would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance everyone.