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Have a question regarding a movie that I saw when I was a kid.?

The movie is about a rich man and is like a CEO of a big company. But along the way the guy loses his riches and got bankrupt. When all is lost and he doesn’t know what to do, him and a friend were on top of a big house or a building and the friend was trying to talk to him but since he doesnt have anything anymore he jumps over the building and land on a sort of like a inflatable thing, which is usually used by firemen to catch jumpers, and says that everything was setup and that was his birthday gift.

I’m really cant remember what the movie is but i really like the story, If anyone can help me it would truly appreciated, THANKS!!:)

Interview With Professor Jeff Brand (Bond University) Regarding Australian Interactive Games Fund I recently had the opportunity to site down with Professor Jeff Brand from Bond University to ask him a question about the Interactive Gam…

What is the law regarding theft & liability on the rental properties in Los Angeles?

My Brother and his wife had both of their cars stolen with in a week from a ‘locked’ and gated parking garage at their apartment complex. It turns out the security cameras never worked and the owners were well aware of this even a year ago when a motorcycle was stolen from the same location.

Give the outrageous rent and the fact they have to pay for secure gated parking I would think having a garage that is not properly secure with at least working security cameras (which they refuse to fix) makes them partially responsible for making it easier to break in and steal from their property,

What do you advise?

Regarding my JOB, should I Stay or Leave ?

I work at a staffing company
that does family fun entertainment venues,
Like parks and schools, etc.
I am a hard worker, and have been from the day I started.
My boss even had me, work on his house a few times, I put up his cinder block walls in the backyard, worked on his front lawn, and he has been impressed with me, for a long time.
( I am not bragging or gloating, it’s the truth )

My position is a staffer/safety attendant.
The pay is okay, my schedule is somewhat shifty,
I might work one or two days,
And be off for the next 1 to 3 weeks.
The job is not very demanding after we finish setting up,
its mostly delivery, setup, staff, and start rolling things and loading them in the trucks/trailers.

My boss is koo,
it’s some of the employees that I don’t get along with,
Lazy coworkers, who focus on what your doing,
instead of doing there own job, its very annoying/distracting.
It Distracts me from the focus of what I am suppose to be doing.
And they would sell you out, to make them self’s feel and seem better in the boss’s eyes.

I mostly get along with most of my coworkers here,
Its just a few guys that I am starting to lose it with.

I was at work yesterday, and one of my coworkers, just keeps constantly calling me to help him, I help him with one thing, and another, and another.
When I am suppose to be setting up and taking care of other things.
Its been like this from the day he got hired here, I don’t know what my boss hired him,
His an old man, his lazy, and looks like a drunk.

I am on my break and talking to my brother, and he comes up to me, and asks me to do something, I tell him I am on my break, he still continues, then tells me to get of the phone, I told my brother ill call him right back, so I hang up, and tell him to mind his own business.

I work 8-10 hour shifts, so normally by state law, you should be getting one 30 minutes lunch break, & two 10 minute breaks. Anything more then 8 hours of working.
So I end up being late for my only break of 15 minutes, when I should be getting 30,
I was late for 2 minutes, and that’s it, For the rest of the day we got no other breaks,
you stand majority of the time, letting kids in to the bounce houses.

The 2 minutes I was late was due to the fact
That i was getting something to eat, for my only break in 8 hours and got my food late,
Coming back from my break and some guy asked me for information about the company.
I ended up being late.

I just kept hearing shit at the end of the day, on how I was late,
Even though through out the whole time I have been employed here, ( 8 months )
I have seen people be late and not come back until a hour passed.
Even yesterday, few of my coworkers, were late,
The one that was complaining about me being late,
Shut down his ride, I saw him a few times, just walking around not working because the boss left for another job. I didn’t see him until an hour later. When he came to give me a break.

30 minutes before the day is over, I just lose it with this guys, and the old man,
I was at a point where I just said, fuck this job, I quit.
I took the shirt, and just threw it at him, and started walking back with my brother.
Someone went and told my boss how I was late and stuff i kind of have a idea who it was. My boss calls me 10 minutes later and just told me, To cool down and call him on Monday.

The only things,
I am starting to not like is the mix and match schedule,
I am starting to have pain in my lower back again, due to the physical work at this job.

So now I don’t know what to do,
If I should go back to work, with a bunch of annoying idiots,
i am not trying to be rude, i am speaking what i think of them, and i have reasons and evidence to back my claims and comments.

I don’t like working with people,
who constantly criticize other people,
Who constantly sell there coworkers out, who tell on other people, like snitches. ( the whole time i been there, i never told on anybody, and got in anyone’s way at work, i mind my own business and just focus on my work, so it pisses me off when other people try to shine, in front of the boss by putting you and your values down )

So I am 50/50 right now, and I don’t know what to do,
whether i should stay, ask for less hours, or just resign ( QUIT )
I really need advice on this, because I am at a cross roads here

any ideas for me please? (regarding b-day party)?

I am having a b-day party for my soon to be 5 year old son.I DON’T want it at my house because it is winter with all these bugs going around and i dont want 28 kids germing my house up lol.

since it will be too cold to do it outside, what places can i find to do it at? i want to do it myself (renting a cotton candy machine, two bounce houses, etc) so it needs to be a big place.

do hotels have room for this? i really have no clue where to look to.
thanks alot.i never even thought about the Y

What are the problems (and options) regarding the succession of Sen. Bird of West Virginia?

I’m not an American (much lest a West Virginian) but I have an academic interest in the issue. It was my understanding that the State Governor was supposed to nominate a temporary replacement for late Sen.Byrd. Now there seems to be some sort of legal vacuum which prompted the said Governor to call up an emergency session of the State Legislature. What exactly are the problems, what exactly are the options and how much is the process going to take?

Letter From Astronauts and Apollo Veterans Regarding Space Shuttle Retirement and Risk to ISS Operations

Letter From Astronauts and Apollo Veterans Regarding Space Shuttle Retirement and Risk to ISS Operations
We believe that the planned retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet after the flight of STS-135 next month will create an unacceptable flight risk for maintaining safe and reliable operations of the International Space Station (ISS).

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Where can I find West Virginia laws regarding child’s choice on parent visitation?

I need to find the West Virginia law that states the minimum age requirement to decide against visiting the other parent on the court appointed weekends. Any leads or help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

What is the best way to phrase a question regarding idol worship in the Catholic Church?

There is a question session “Stump the Priest” after the parish mission and while I know the Church’s stance regarding idol worship and that the Crucifix is not regarded as idol worship, I’m not sure why. What would the best way to phrase the question?