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International Space Station spacewalks(Russian astronauts EVA) received with Funcube Dongle Pro+

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Russian astronauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev EVA. 130.167 mhz. Received from Spain. ~14:35 – 14:39 UTC. Turnstile homemade antenna, 137mhz Funcub…

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Messages I Have Received from the Other Side!

Nowadays more and more people want to know what to expect when they die.  They also ask me, “Where am I going to go when I die?” What is it like in spirit?  Do we get to see people we loved?  Do we get to meet other spirits?  Do we have bodies?  The list of questions goes on.  Death is held as such a mystery that the only time most people embark on the voyage of self realization is when they are faced with the inevitability of their death. 

What I would like to do here is share with you what I have learned about the afterlife based on my personal experiences in astral projection into spirit as well as channeling deceased loved ones and what they have to say about their lives in spirit. 

I have been studying various religions and spiritual teachings for over 35 years. With all the knowledge that I have gained in that time, I was not sure of what it was really like in the spirit world. What started me to see the spirit world was my father. My father was comatose and being kept alive artificially on machines. This went against my personal beliefs because I knew that his body was worn out and that it was time for him to move on to spirit. I knew he was afraid of dying and out of desperation I did something I had never done before, I put myself into a state of hypnosis and I astral projected myself to him in his hospital bed.

I had to do this in silence and completely alone; that is why I was not in the hospital to do this. I took his spirit by the hand and drew it out of his body, and led him into the spirit world. I was surprised at who greeted him at the entrance; it was his army captain from World War Two that he had thought the world of. I waited outside as his captain led him inside of the spirit world. I could hear many people talking and laughing. I did not know what they were saying because it was not important to me all that mattered was that my father was seeing what life was in spirit. After a while the conversation died down and he returned to where I was waiting. From there I took him back into his body. I knew at that point he had no fear of dying, and the next day he did pass away.

In less than twenty hours I woke up with my father screaming into my ear everything that he wanted me to know before he left the physical plane. It did not frighten me at all because I knew he had left without telling me many things. For the next three days he manifested himself where I could see his spirit.

Because of this I never again doubted that the spirit world was far more real then our physical world is. I know the reason I can see spiritual truths is because of my Native American heritage.  We understand the spirits and honor them in everything we do. I started working as a clairvoyant, and clients would ask me if I could connect to a deceased loved one. The first time I did this I was not sure if I could, but it was a young man who had been killed in a motorcycle accident; and his mother wanted to talk with him. I was able to give her a description of everything that happened and what he wanted to tell her now. This was one of the most moving moments emotionally in my life. I knew I had helped this woman have a connection with her son, which would lead to her healing.

When I started doing clairvoyant work professionally I was asked to channel a deceased loved one and do it by e-mail. I did not know how I would be able to get answers without connecting to the person, but I took on the job and trusted that the Great Spirit would give me the answers.

It was from a woman in her mid thirties who had a brother that had died a year before and he had been born deformed and unable to speak throughout his life. She wanted to know what was going on for him. His parents wanted to know, but were afraid to ask a clairvoyant, so they had their daughter ask for them. Below is the message I received from this young man who I will call Simon. All names have been changed for confidentiality.

August 30, 2009

Dear Mum and Dad:

You don’t need to worry about me.  I am so happy in the vast space of the Spirit World.  I want you to know that you were the best parents anyone could ever have.  Your love for me was unconditional and you never treated me like I was different.  I know that I was and I knew it when I was alive, but your love sheltered and protected me from any negative thoughts and actions from others.  Even from my sisters.  They liked to tease and have fun at my expense, but I really don’t blame them or feel anything but love for them.  All of you are really good people and I can see that so clearly now. 

Where I am is like a carnival it’s filled with all types of amusement rides, my favorites are riding on the backs of butterflies and dragonflies. I shout “Yippee” as I ride on their backs.  I go very far and see many things such as fields, oceans, and mountains that are beautiful and unlike anything on earth.  I get to eat ice cream and cotton candy all the time.  I laugh and play with all of my friends here.  I laugh all the time.  I have complete freedom of movement because I don’t have a physical body anymore and I play as much as possible.  I’m not required to do anything other than enjoy myself. 

I came into the world as a happy soul and I still am.  I was in your life to show you the power of the soul.  I hear you talking to me all the time and I listen.  There’s no need to be sad or pray for me.  I love hearing you talk to me, so please don’t stop.  Remember there’s going to be a time where we are all together again.  I’m looking forward to that moment. 

You wanted to know how you would know if I was around you, whenever you see butterflies or dragonflies that’s me flying around you.  Whenever you hear the word “Yippee” that’s me letting you know I’m with you and very happy.  Also whenever you hear carnival music that’s coming from me.  Whenever you have ice cream I’m right beside you enjoying it. 

I loved my funeral. Mum and Dad you did such a magnificent job with it. Sherri your poem was so beautiful that I still hear it and it’s stored in my soul. God gave you the vision of my death so that you would be prepared with the words to deliver at my funeral. You’re really gifted spiritually Susan and I admire that about you. You have such a beautiful soul and I love you very much. Susan-you made me laugh with your statement to Cherokee about me being shy and nervous. I’m not the person that you knew when I was with you in physical form. I’m not shy or nervous because there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of here. This is truly paradise. All we feel is the Divine Spirit of Love continually.  You will recognize me when you pass over and I will be here to greet each one of you when you come.

You wanted to know what I thought of my nephews, they’re a fantastic and brilliant. If I could have had a normal life I would have wanted to be like them. I asked my guides here and I have been told that they are going to be very successful professionally and personally. Let them know that I love them very much. They have a capacity for compassion and I think they got that from knowing me. I feel like I have accomplished a great deal when I was alive because I touched so many people’s hearts and souls. For that I’m grateful.

Please don’t be sad about me not being with you physically anymore. My spirit is always with you and we will be together again here in this wonderful paradise. I’ve given you the signs of how you will know I’m around and all you have to do is look for them and you’ll notice that I’m with you all the time.

I’m free and happy and I don’t think there’s anything more that you would want for me then what I have.  I get to experience the Divine Love and I can’t wait for you to share it with me.  I will keep praying for all of my family to be protected and have everything they need.  Tell everyone that I love them. 

I’m so happy that you are my parents and I love you far more then you ever knew.  You were so sweet and good to me.

I love you very much. 
Your, Simon

Sherri wrote me back after she delivered this message to her parents and said that it touched everyone in the family. They felt a closure with Simon knowing that he was being so well taken care of. He had been so precious to each one of them. It amazes me at the answers I receive, and as I am receiving them, I actually see what the deceased person is talking about. It is a magnificent experience for me. I feel that I get as much out of it as the person I am asking the questions for.

The next message that I received is from the spirit of the sister of a dear lady who was having a lot of trouble dealing with her sister’s untimely death at a young age from cancer. She wanted to know how her sister felt and what was happening for her now that she was dead. This lady had been told by another psychic that she did not deserve answers from her sister, and it had nearly caused her to have a complete nervous breakdown.  I related what I had gotten from her sister and wrote this message to her from what I saw, and then her sister spoke directly to her.

December 30, 2009

Dear Carmen:

There is absolutely no reason that you don’t deserve answers from Katie.  You both had a very close bond and that does not end just because she has moved into spirit.  I am surprised, than again not so surprised, that people would tell you such hurtful things. 

I can tell that you have a very sweet sensitive spirit and God loves you. 

To start off with I want you to know that people who have passed over are different in spirit. They may not remember or see things the way you do. Remember they are in a different dimension and have left behind the negative emotions that most humans carry. You can go to my web site and read about this in more detail in an article I wrote called, “After Life.” I just want you to understand because they are different than we are now. Someday we will be in the same liberty that they are.

As I started to connect with Katie I received the strangest message.  She says here’s your little Kit Kat.  I don’t know if she ever said this in life, but that’s what she feels now.  She says she has been coming to you since her passing and has been trying to let you know that she is with you.  She says that your grief has stopped her messages coming to you, that you would have normally been receiving such as in dreams, smelling her perfume or noticing curtains moving and electronics acting differently. It was the closeness of your relationship that caused such grief for you.  Katie is not disappointed that you felt that way she knew it was going to hit you very hard.  Don’t blame yourself for taking her death so hard.  You loved her very much and that’s why it was hard.  Grief takes however long it takes to subside.  You will never stop thinking about her and you will be reunited in the spirit world. 

She wants you to know that she is extremely happy and never has to suffer pain any more.  She says it was your experiencing every step of her illness that tore you up. 

Here’s an answer to your first question.  How did you deal with your passing? Here are Katie’s answers. 

“I was ready to let go. Those final breaths were my letting go of my physical body.  Believe me the minute I was gone I was watching you and mom and I could see your pain, but I was experiencing total bliss.  If I could have said anything to you to at the last moment it would’ve been, I love you.  You both were the closest people to me and nobody loved me as much as you too.  Others cared about me, but it wasn’t like what you two did. 

Because of your being so sensitive my death really hit your heart hard, you don’t need to apologize for it any of your actions or thoughts.  You have nothing to be forgiven for.  I think the best way for you to be able to handle death is to realize that it’s passing from one life to another.  We shed off our bodies like a snake gets rid of its old skin. And we are truly born again in the presence of Divine Love. 

The more you let go of your grief you will find me coming into your dreams.  At night before you go to sleep pray and ask the angels to bring me to you.  In the morning have a pen and paper by the bed and write down what ever you get.  Keep this as a journal and in time you will start seeing my messages coming through. 

At night I walk around your bedroom and I sometimes sit on your bed holding your right hand.  If you ever feel a sensation on your right hand whether you’re asleep or awake Realize it’s me connecting with you. 

You’re going to start finding the pain easing in your heart. I love you dearly and please tell mom the same thing. Let her see this message because it may bring up some experience is she has had with me and didn’t realize it was me.

I look forward to being reunited with you and everyone in the family in spirit.

I love you,

After I sent Carmen this message, she wrote me back that the nick name I received was absolutely the one that they called her sister. She could not believe everything that I had gotten after the terrible experience she had before with the other psychic. Carmen verified that she knew it was her sister speaking to her because of the way she addressed everything she was feeling. This was an interesting experience because I kept hearing that nick name over and over. This message gave Carmen peace of mind and she has been able to go forward without so much pain in her heart.

When we pass into spirit we do not instantly gain all knowledge and become filled with wisdom. There is a learning curve and we keep learning in spirit. Think of death as birth of your soul.

I have found through my experiences of going into spirit and speaking with the deceased that there is life after death, and what I do in this life affects what happens in the next one, it is the law of Karma. It is comforting to know that life does go on, and that one can always learn, grow, and develop spiritually. The detail about everything in the spirit world does not matter. What does make a difference is the belief that any one of us can make an effort to be of service to others, to love, to develop spiritually, and to work toward oneness with God/The Divine Spirit.


Native American Psychic Cherokee Billie