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what kind of a ride is the Big Johnson? read on…?

i met a hot guy at the mall and he asked me if i wanted to go to the amusement park and ride the Big Johnson. has anyone heard of that ride? is it scary?
is it a water ride? he said i’ll get wet if i ride it…

Any ideas for a summer cteen girl tent party? Read details?

So me and my best friends in middle school (theres 5 tottal, maybe six if shes in town) are having one last night together. We are freshman and all going to different high schools next year. So it has to be amazing, we want to end on a high note.

So were going to have a sleep over, outside in my big back yard, in tents. 😀 Then were going to go to a water park in the morning. But what can we do at night? And what do we eat, food ideas?

CHEAP PLEASE. My mom doesn’t want to spend alot of money lol.

MJ fans: Have you read Moonwalk?

It’s an autobiography that Michael wrote in 1988. I read most of it, and I think it was great. It was re-released last month.

So what did you think of it? Did you like it?

If you haven’t read it, would you buy it?

Plastics’ Q of the day: What’s your favorite MJ song?

How to pack for a plane ride. Read.?

I’m a girl. 14. Going to london in November. I’m staying for a week and going on a plane. Idk how to pack on a plane. What are the plane rules? Like I have beauty products and makeup. How do I pack that in a carry on? What to pack on a carry on and what to pack in a real suitcase…please help!


Do you think moon landing was faked?…Probably another Nasa cover-up?…
just scroll down when you open the page..and compare the two photos of astronaut Aldrin facing the flag…

heres the link:

The first photo shows that Aldrin is saluting the flag…then the second photo: Buzz Aldrin’s hand is down, head turned toward the camera, the flag is unchanged.

Im just curios because if you compare the two photos, the flag is not waving..


I dont really care about nasa ufo cover-ups…My main concern was: is moon landing also a coverup?..weird..

SURVEY: Amusement Parks (please read on for more details to answer)?

Which amusement park do you go to?
do you have a season pass?
whats your favorite ride?
whats your favorite game?
do you buy your food there or bring your own?
do you play more games or ride more rides?
have you ever got hurt at the park?
what is your favorite thing about that park?

thanks for your answers…its very much appreciated….add any details you want…

What autobiography of famous person should I read?

wanted to ask if there are any interesting, not shallow autobiographies of famous stars. I have just read Sharon Osbourne’s 2 autobiographies and loved them. Any offers?

How do I teach my little sister to read?

My little sister Kaytlin is 6 years old and in Kindergarten but she is behind in the class and can not read well at all. She memorizes what the words on the page say when she reads and then on the next page doesnt know the exact same words. I am the only one with really enough patience to teach her. I need help. Perhaps some online games that will help her but keep her entertained. If any moms or teachers or anyone has any advice or help your help would be very much apreciated.

What are some really interesting biographies to read/ books about people from history?

I’m looking for some books about people in history to read, but interesting. Also some biographies.
Anyone from athletes, musicians, to queens/kings will work.
I’m planning on reading the new Cleopatra book and The Other Boleyn Girl and a book about Marie Antoinette, but do you have any more suggestions?

What does the voice in your head sound like when you read?

Like as you’re reading this, what does that voice inside your head sound like? Does it have a deep voice, a high voice, young female voice, middle aged male voice?

Or do we all have a universal voice in our head that sounds the same? Or is the voice in our head what WE sound like to other ppl? 0.o

Mine kinda sounds like a 20 yr old lady. Lol wait… Am I the only one that hears this voice?