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Nasa Orders Urgent Spacewalks To Fix International Space Station Problem

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There are some problems in the cooling line in International Space Station. As a result of that, NASA has ordered urgent spacewalks. This problem requires at…


me and my teenage brother, are having our birthday party’s together this year. The HUGE prblem is I really waned to buy a commercial grade event tent (20′ x 20′ x) because it will be in our backyard. we willl be expecting around 50 – 60 guests and if we cannot buy the tent (because its at least $550) I will be stuck with not enough room in my house for all the people. If anyone knows of a cheap used site for event tents that would be REALLY helpful
Thank you

I need help on this amusement ride problem?


consider the diagram above representing a portion of an amusement park ride. A 100 kg car has 30,000 J of Potential Energy at point A. It moves down a frictionless track and comes to a stop as it compresses a huge spring at point D.

A. How much kinetic energy does the car have at point C? Explain or calculate.

B. How fast is the car moving at point B? Show work.

C. If the spring has K=2000 N/m How much does it compress to stop the car?
look at the diagram here


Does anybody know if Michael Jackson had a medical problem with his voice?

Im not trying to make fun of him. I think he has an amazing voice. But his voice didnt seem to change like other guys voices change when they go thru puberty.

How do i find the radius in this problem?

At an amusement park there is a ride in which cylindrically shaped chambers spin around a central axis. People sit in seats facing the axis, their backs against the outer wall. At one instant the outer wall moves at a speed of 3.2 m/s, and an 83-kg person feels a 560-N force pressing against his back.

What is the radius of the chamber?

I need help on a math problem?

Yasem has only a pocketful of coinswith wich to buy an amusement ride ticket costing $0.75.How many different combinations of nickels,dimes,and quarters can he use to pay for the ticket ?

The velocity as a function of time for a car problem?

The velocity as a function of time for a car on an amusement park ride is given as v = At2 + Bt with constants A = 1.05 m/s3 and B = 1.11 m/s2. If the car starts at the origin, what is its position at t = 2.91 s?

Will furnishings help a room with an echo problem?

I moved into a new house and so far, all I have is my bed in there. If I talk in the room, it echoes and sounds so loud, when i put all of my furniture in it, will the echoing subside?

Is it a problem that Michael Steele is pro choice?

Republicans have always claimed to have a big tent. Now it seems some want to drag Steele into that tent and beat the living $#!+ out of him. What’s up with that?
Joan L – I love your cracked elephant!

Challenging Physics Problem Help From Someone Who is Certain About How To Solve This Problem.?

In an old-fashioned amusement park ride, passengers stand inside a hollow steel cylinder with their backs against the wall. The cylinder begins to rotate about a vertical axis. Then the floor on which the passengers are standing suddenly drops away! If all goes well, the passengers will “stick” to the wall. What is the minimum coefficient of static friction of the ride if the person is not to slide downward if the radius of the cylinder is 4.4 meters and a constant rotation rate of 0.33 rev/sec?