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How to hold a Texas Hold’em fundraiser in Texas – with Cash Prizes?

We are looking to hold a Texas Hold’em fundraiser to raise funds for our softball team. We would like to give cash prizes, but not sure if we can. We thought if the cash was donated for the prize(s), it would be ok to do that. Can anyone offer legit advise on this?

Education Day – Prizes for Green Trivia

Interactive Games
Image taken on 2011-09-27 08:09:26 by Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon.

school fundraiser prizes?

so for operation smile, my friends and I are hoping to run a fundraiser with the local schools, in which they will get prizes for money levels, like your typical school fundraiser. Does anyone know where we can find the typical “school fundraiser” type junk for sale at a cheap price?

What kind of prizes does the game stands at peach days in Brigham city, UT?

Where can I buy the prizes from fundraisers without actually doin the fundraiser?

I think the prizes are pretty cool but with what you have to spend on the fundraiser you could buy all the stuff almost twice! I just want to know a sight or store or whatever that I can buy some of the COOL stuff from the prizes, THANKS!!!!!

Need party Help – games with prizes – what prizes for 11 years old?

Listen everybody,
I need games for my sleepover party (Not only girls- 3 boys)
We are 11 , some of us = 12 years old.
I need ideas for games and the most important things : Prizes !
Like (The answer: ):” I think that for the first prize in Treasure hunt could Be a book and everybody will get sweets.”
Really,It’s not good with books,And PLEASE do not say “Toy” But say what toy like : Gazzilion (Too babish) I also need ideas of what Bye-bye prizes could I buy :What can you buy for 11 years old boys and 13 years old girls? We are in Poland so we want to spend 16 zl. Max. (4 euro)I also need some rulez for the party,(we are sleeping in the tent ) And Menu for the party – what do the children like to eat?//
nO STUPID RINGS and no dump choclate I need REAL HELP ! rings are for 10 years olds ! You know for boys rings are you fuck !

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Candy, games and prizes – a winning combo for Hamel Lions event

Candy, games and prizes – a winning combo for Hamel Lions event
Prior to the big hunt, area youth were encouraged to participate in a number of outdoor games, including a giant inflatable jumper, have their faces painted or take a picture with the Easter Bunny.

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Prizes Make a Huge Difference in School Fundraising Results

Copyright (c) 2009 AIM Fundraising

In many school fundraising campaigns the motivation to get families involved in the fundraiser can often be lacking. And it’s not the kids lacking the motivation. Kids will get excited about the “Baggie of Gummie Pizza” but Mom will trash the brochure because “She” is not excited about it. Fix that and you fix sagging sales!

Fundraising is an activity that is at least carried out yearly by school children everywhere. It is something that can make a massive difference for those involved in it. This difference could be to help your school buy needed equipment or to send a kid to camp.

Whatever you are actually raising money for you will no doubt have one thing in mind, which is to raise as much money as possible. Lucky for you, where school fundraising is concerned there is now a proven way to increase the amount of money that you raise on your next school fundraising campaign.

In most cases where fundraising and school children are concerned the motivation to get fully involved can often be lacking. Ever heard of “jinky” prizes? Keeping this in mind, there needs to be the right kind of prizes for school children to encourage them to want to participate in the fundraising process. By giving children an incentive they are more likely to be motivated to give their all to the cause. This means that they are more likely to participate in your school fundraiser. But just what kind of incentives do you need to have and how do you set up your prize program?

The best prize that you can give to school age kids is to offer them something they really, really want and make it easy for them to get it. This achieves one very powerful thing, it motivates more of the students to participate in your fundraiser. it also adds fun and excitement into the school fundraising process. Remember children are more likely to do something if there is something in it for them. So if there is a prize involved that they really want to get their hands on they will do everything they can to earn it.

Presenting an exciting and powerful incentive program stands as the single most important factor when it comes to determining the success or failure of your fundraising campaign. Let me put it another way; you could have a terrible product to sell but do really well with it if you motivate your students right. Basically no matter what your school fundraising idea revolves around you will have no problem doing really well with the right kind of prizes.

The prizes that are offered with your school fundraising needs to be taylor made for your particular group of students. In other words, it needs to be appropriate for the students age and gender as well as something that parents are able to get excited about. If the prize program is not well planned then it will fail to be appealing to students and more importantly, their parents. As a result it will fail to motivate them to participate in your school fundraiser. Using the wrong prizes, or even using the “right” prizes in the wrong way could actually have a negative effect on your fundraising efforts.

The better the prizes you have for your group, the better your fundraising profits will be. Think about it. If you structure a prize program for your school that would get even you excited about helping your child earn them, wouldn’t the fundraiser go much better? We can get kids excited about anything, but if the parents are excited about the prizes too… you do the math!

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