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Poll: What should I bring to the beach?

I’m going to the beach with my cousin in a hour. What should I bring? Definately camera and sunglasses! What else…what would YOU bring? 🙂
Haha I’m sure there’ll be a lot of kids at the beach with ducky tubes…but I’ll give it a try! 😀

Poll: Soft voice or deep voice?

I have a soft voice

Amusement Park Poll – Dark Rides or Coasters?

What’s your favorite –
Dark Rides or Coasters?

Voice Poll..?

What kind of voice do you prefer on someone of the opposite sex?
Do men like women with those high voices or lower voices?
Do women like men with a very deep voice or higher voice?

Poll: Can you do the moonwalk?

Can you show me how? No matter how many times I watch other people do it, I just can’t figure it out.

POLL: Trampoline vs bounce house?

Poll: What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?

Poll: Bouncing house or water slide for birth day?

Poll: Do you treat your body like a temple or an amusement park ride?

POLL: What comes into your Mind when I say:…?

Michael Jackson??