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West Virginia Police Chase And Arrest Bank Robber

This video was released Wednesday by attorney Harry P. Waddell, who filed a civil rights lawsuit against Jefferson County (W.Va.) Sheriff Robert Shirley and …

Pittsburgh Police Commander and Special Olympics PA Athlete Discuss Upcoming Fundraisers

Commander Scott Schubert and Special Olympics PA athlete Chris Jagielski talk to KDKA 2 about some upcoming Law Enforcement Torch Run events including the 6K…

who gets charged if four people is riding in a car and the police stops?

Four men are driving a rental car rented by a fifth party, South on US Hwy 27 in the city limts of Bainbridge. The car is stopped by the Georgia State Patrol for a traffic violation. During the stop, a Trooper observes a small sandwich bag bearing a quality of crack cocaine between the two front seats. All of the occupants deny possession of the substance. Which occupants could be charged with possession of the substance? Under what principle?

Should’ve I called the police? What am I supposed to do when some stranger comes to my house yelling at me?

The neighbors had a party on the weekend. They rented a karaoke machine, and some party inflatables.

The guy from the rental company was here. He was knocking, and knocking on their door so they would pay him or something. But for some reason I don’t know about, the neighbors would not open the door.

I go outside to take something out of my car. He sees me, and follows me to my door. He starts yelling at me about how the people in the house next door are inside, and won’t open to pay him. I tell him that’s too bad. He demands that I go with him to tell the neighbors to come out. I tell him I can’t, then he stands in the way of me getting into my house telling me I have to tell the neighbors to come out.

I try to get into my house, and then he grabs me by the arm, and I let him to let me go. He does.

I don’t even get along with the neighbors. I wasn’t even invited to their stupid party. Why do I have to tell the neighbors to come out, and pay some guy?

What was I supposed to do? Why does this guy think he can just grab me, and force me to do something?

West Virginia’s 149th Police Cadet Graduation

Congratulations to Nicholas Counties 2 new Deputy Sheriffs. Deputy Jackie Bailes and Deputy Josh Ellison. Serve and protect us well men! West Virginia Academy is Ranked 3rd in the nation for the toughness it brings!

WV State Police Academy Basic 139th

Graduation of WV State Police Academy 10-16-2009

I scratched rented car, no third party involved. Should I call police?

I scratched rental car against concrete beam in a private parking lot, no third party was involved, and there was no damage to the concrete beam. Should I call police to report the accident?
BTW, I purchased insurance when I rented the car.

Fundraisers ideas for the police explorers?

I am in the eplorer post and we are trying to raise money for the academy any ideas

Police Oral Board Interview

Help hundreds of thousands of new police applicants every year And get a killer commission with a product that sells itself. Product and sales pitch kills the competition…very easy money.
Police Oral Board Interview

whats the police force rankings in order for west virginia?

i wanted to know the police rankings for west Virginia like is their a chief or sheriffs and if so is a chief higher then a sheriff?