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Viking Quest – Decision point

Interactive Games
Image taken on 2012-07-11 18:46:55 by Rowan Peter.

How many people have been killed/crippled at Cedar Point?

It would be quite interesting to see this and on what rides.
I’m skeptical that none have, show me sources.

How crowded is cedar point during weekdays in the summer?

Me and my family are going august 5th-7th. well be at the amusement park on the 5th and 6th. how crowded will it be? how long will the lines be? (those days are Wednesday and Thursday)

Is a credit check required to work at cedar point?

If so, for what positions and what exactly will disqualify you?

Please only people who know about Cedar Point or other Cedar Fairs amusement parks. Thank you!!
I’ll be waitressing.

What is a good coaster route at Cedar Point?

I was wondering what rides at Cedar Point I should start with, and what rides to do after. I always start on Blue Streak (tradition), but what route should I take after that? Thanks!

whats the point of winning American Idol?

I was just wondering why does “American Idol” also sign contracts with the contestants voted off the show? Are the contracts different from the one the winner receives?

Is Six Flags or Ceder Point More Fun? Which has the most and best rides?

I’m going to go to an amusement park next month and i was wondering which is more fun?

Is there a point to doing your magic on everything in the disney princess enchanted journey game?

its driving me and my wife nuts. cause we are obbesive like that. there are ten million things that sparkle and can wave our magic wand at to make do something. is there a point to actually doing it to EVERY interactive object? or is it just something to keeps kids much younger than us occupied.

a friend and I are thinking of meeting in Dana Point this weekend but we’ve never been. what’s to do there?!

Flash Point Season 1 Episode 1

a special tactical team that rescues hostages, busts gangs, defuses bombs, and takes on other tough cases