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Where can I find a detail or photo of this part of an airplane so I can know what it looks like and does?

I enjoy learing about interesting stuff and I was researching the crash of an airplane and I need the help with this quote from the NTSB report (see below for the full report)
“Metallurgical examination of the center wing box lower skin revealed a 12-inch long fatigue crack on the lower surface of the right wing beneath the forward doubler, with two separate fatigue crack initiation sites at stringer attachment rivet holes (which join the external doubler and the internal stringers to the lower skin panel)”

Where can I find a cross section drawing or explanation of the function or a photograph of a “lower surface of the right wing beneath the forward doubler”
I dont know what a “doubler” is and I would like to find out…I would also like to see a picture or drawing of one pointing it I can learn or see in my mind’s eye where this metal fatigue was located on those poor firefighting guy’s airplane.

I got this from;
regarding the crash of a firefighting airplane that I saw crash on Youtube;

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Amusement Rides Photo Collection

Amusement Rides Photos from the web. I’ve been collecting them since 1998 until 2010.

How is it possible that we can take an “early” photo of the universe?

I read an interesting article on yahoo that states the earliest image of the universe was captured, dating it to be about 600 million years after the big bang. How is it possible that we can take a picture of the universe in the past? Isn’t that like me taking a picture of a dinosaur?

How to take a good photo of the moon?

WITH A Minolta 35-70 film camera!

how much should I charge for a photo shoot?

I took some photos at a club last week when there was a white party and now the people have contacted me and they are asking me to be their photographer/cameraman at the next party they have in that club..
How much should I charge them for one night? ( I have a nikon d90 & take hd videos as well)
shoild I charge per photo they buy or should I charge for the night? and if so, how much for either scenario?

What is the best photo booth rental in Portland, OR?

I have a friend who’s getting married soon, and for her wedding she wants to rent a photobooth to use during the reception. Does anyone know what’s the best photo booth in Portland, Oregon? I searched photo booth rental Portland and wedding photo booth, but too many options showed up. Thanks!

Photo Booth Rental Dallas Photo Booth Rental Dallas Party Rentals Dallas If you need your visitors to your event to have long lasting memories of a fun filled party, consider using a photo booth rental Dallas or a photo booth rental Fort Worth. You must nevertheless, select the Dallas photo booth carefully to avail the diverse features and the best photograph packages available with it. So you are planning an event, but have run out of ideas. How about this time around you try something different. With a photo booth rental Dallas, you can now have something fun and entertaining for the guests at your party. Recently it’s common to see wedding photo booths at numerous receptions and other special occasions. From birthdays and school events to company parties, you’ll see folk lining up in front of picture booths to get some fun footage taken. A photo booth rental Dallas without question is the most suitable choice to take fun photos in a party. They’re preferred for so many reasons. Most of all, you may have candid footage in prints immediately. Immediately after the party, you get your instant photo strip with memories to be appreciated for ever and ever. It’ll certainly keep your visitors entertained. No matter what your event is, you’ll be able to find a photo booth rental Dallas that provides different packages at cheap costs. Each photo booth rental Dallas company offers varied packages. Choose one that can let you take unlimited photos in all effects like black and white

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