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Bringing cell phone to SOI?

I want to bring my cell to SOI.. Would i lose it? Or would they have lockers to put it in? And also, its ITB seperate from SOI?

Thank you

How is voice transmitted during a cell phone call?

I am doing a project for my Physics class and need to know how voice is transmitted during a call…

Can one cell phone be linked to two different google voice accounts?

So that when people call either google voice number, my cell phone will ring.


What law states that in MI. a landlord must provide one working phone jack?

I moved into a rental house that didn’t have an installed phone jack, the landlord offered to hook up a “party line” to his phone…no thanks, so I paid to have one installed. The installer told me its required by law that the landlord provides at least one, now in order to win this dispute in court I need the law that states this.

Can i switch my number to a deactivated phone?

So first off , i have Sprint. I went to an amusement park yesterday , on a water ride, and it completely ruined my phone. They didnt let you put your stuff in a safe place. So my phone is acting really weird and i can barely use it. I have an old phone that works but it has no number because its deactivated. I want to know if i can switch to the deactivated phone asap?

What is the best cell phone for voice chatting?

What is the best cell phone for voice chatting? Like the use of Skype? Viber etc?

Will I get charged for texting American idol a vote from a Verizion phone?

I have unlimited text messaging from Verizion and thought I could text my vote. Do I texted my vote like 500 times. Then I realized that the texting was only for AT&T customers.
Will I get charged for texting American idol a vote from a Verizion phone even if I have unlimited testing?

Where can I find a toy Inflative phone?

anywhere but E-bay!

How do I turn off voice mail on my cellular phone?

When people call me on my cell, my phone rings for like 5 seconds and it brings the caller to my voice mail. I often miss calls because the callers keep gettin transfered to voice mail.

I was rear ended and getting the runaround by his insurance, he was on his cell phone texting any advice ?

They are not giving me a rental car. I didnt have rentors insurance. And they are trying to say they might not be liable.