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Talking at 17,000 mph: Astronaut Chris Cassidy Speaks From Space with Central High School, Oregon

230 miles up and going 17000 mph sideway, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy spoke live from the International Space Station to the students of Central High Schoo…

History of Oregon Amusement Parks

Oregon had the largest amusement park in the nation and still has one of the longest operating parks in the nation. This fast paced and entertaining film cov…

Where can I find a good Oregon Christmas Wreath Fundraiser?

I am in charge of this years Wreath Fundraiser. We are located in Oregon and would like to find a company that will not charge an arm and a leg for shipping or where I can pick up myself. I am located in the Greater Portland Area. Any advice and direction would be helpful.

What are the best places to take a family with young kids on the southern Oregon coast?

I have two daughters, almost 3 and almost 4. We will be moving to the southern Oregon coast. I am looking for stuff to do in and around Brookings, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Bandon, Coos Bay and the surrounding areas. The cheaper the better, but we’re willing to pay for cool stuff. We’re looking for great places to hike, good beaches, good parks and other attractions. We’re also looking for family friendly restaurants or cools shops. We’d also love to find a place where the girls could ride model trains. There’s a great train park in Medford and we’d love to find one on the coast. We’re on a budget so we’re not looking for anything expensive, just cool stuff to do on our days off. THANKS!!!

What are the best Indoor playplaces in NW Oregon?

I’m looking for an indoor playplace for my daughter’s birthday party in January. It should be suitable for children from 2 to 8 or so. The cheaper the better…I don’t want to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a party package. Would rather bring our own cake and that’s it.

Where to go paint balling near Eugene Oregon?

Im not looking for one of those inflatable target places. I know that it is ok to paintball in national forest and blm land under gun regulations. Im looking for a spot with few people and few hunters. Thanks!

David Weed American Idol 2012 Portland Oregon Auditions

American Idol 2012, February 1 sixth Auditions Oregon Jessica Phillips Sings Again by Faith Evans © Video content “Fremantle International” – American Idol 2012 on FOX (ch.4) – – American Idol February 1 sixth Auditions Oregon Jessica Phillips Sings Again by Faith Evans

Sam Gershman American Idol 2012 Portland Oregon Auditions

Jermaine Jones American Idol 2012 Portland Oregon Auditions