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Why did I get a nose bleed after riding a roller coaster that went upside down?

a little while ago, i went on a roller coaster and after i got off, about 30 min later, i had a really really bad nose bleed. i’m going to an amusement park next week and i’m really afraid if i go on a roller coaster i’m going to get a bad nose bleed…is there a reason why it happened? and is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening again?

Ross Kemp and the Kellogg’s Crew – Red Nose Day 2011

Impressionist Jon Culshaw visits fundraisers at Kellogg’s as Ross Kemp to see how they’ve been raising money for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. Donate to Comic Relief and help change lives at

Man fends off polar bear with punch to the nose

Man fends off polar bear with punch to the nose
An old Inuit trick came in handy when Wes Werbowy found himself face to face with a polar bear in the pre-dawn Arctic light.

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