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The Voice 2014 Battle Round – Jessie Pitts vs. Ryan Sill: “I Need Your Love”

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Jessie Pitts and Ryan Sill go head to head for their coach, Gwen Stefani, on Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love.” » Subscribe to The Voice: » Watch The Voice Mondays…

Blake and Shakira: “Need You Now” – The Voice Highlight

Shakira and Blake Shelton show their teams how it’s done with their take on “Need You Now.” » Subscribe to The Voice: » The Voice Premi…

need help finding websites for wedding deco, + other stuff but the catch is…..?

my wedding isn’t NORMAL! so the knot well that’s too normal for me!
my gut tells me i’ll be better off getting my stuff from a promotional store or something. but i need more ideas! to help you! my theme is Hawaiian / fun lol
i plan on having a rock climing wall, a moon bounce for kids, poker, bingo, lawn games, and anything else you can think of 🙂 but decorations too!

why am i crazy like this! well i have been to a ton of weddings and sorry to my friends but they are boring. YAWWN cute things with in them and great drinking with friends but yeah i can do that any day of the year. i want someone to walk out of my wedding say wow what a blast!
i want to go back! did i mention dunk tanks
i normally don’t thumbs down people but DANG some of you are witches and your judgemental but your right it’s Mine and my mans wedding and this is what WE want! so please save it!
i don’t care!
but i didn’t TD sarah!

please help me? i need advice!! what is the best way to moonwalk?

i really need some moonwalk advise, i was able to pull it off effortlessly when i had a very slippery surface to walk on, i did it perfectly, but when i try to moonwalk barefoot or with shoes or something, there is so much friction involved, and i can’t seem to do it as well.

if anybody has some moonwalking tips i would greatly appreciate them, as i see many people in videos doing them with ease on the roughest surfaces, with the most friction causing shoes.

i really am determined to moonwalk properly on any surface, its just something that i really want to do.

please help me?
im not sure i understand, do you mean that eventually i will be able to do it anywhere i want? regardless of the friction? if i keep trying to mookwalk very hard, ( and smooth ) will i just get so good at it that i will breath moonwalking?

I need help with fundraiser ideas for colon cancer?

I have recently found out that my mom has colon cancer and I am trying to start a fundraiser to help pay for medical bills. I need help coming up with ideas to start a good fundraiser that will help out a lot

i need ideas for my outdoor party!!?

i’m turning 13 and need some ideas for my party theres going to be 4 people there. i’m going to do games like twister and a water gun fight but i need more stuff to do……any ideas?

i need answers asap…… light 13 year old party?

okay so i need help planning…
how would in your opinion do the invitations
also i need some help to get black lights like im going to replace the normal light bulbs we have already with black lights. i live in portland oregon
and im inviting 20 to 30 people
we gonna have glow n the dark paint and high lighters to draw on your self
and its gonna be from 6pm to 10 pm
but i need some help on what to do for that time and were gonna have pizza and chips
btw nothing bad for what to do my parent are really considering not doing the party now they said btw its on the bottom story of my house

i need ideas for fundraisers?

i am doing a student improvement proposal and need ideas for fundraisers to have. i need to raise money for the improvements i am going to try to do.
any ideas?

I need a Party bus in OC or LA. that fits 50-65 people. Anyone know of anything? ?

In major need of a party bus that fits around 60 people. Dnt really care for the price just need it & I tried googling but some site don’t seem legit. So anyone know of any experience good services ?

Do I need a business license for a fundraiser?

It’s a fundraiser that we will be selling homemade cookies, beef jerky, hot sause, and other things along that line. thank you.