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Nathan Moonwalks September 2009

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Michael Jacksons son moonwalks.

The Voice Kids PH Battle ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ Douglas, Nathan, Junmar July 5, 2014

More Videos at Like us: The Voice KIDS Philippines “Live Showdown” The Voice of the Philippines #TheVoiceKidsPH is…

Nathan Fillion @ Kerry Fundraiser

Image taken on 2004-10-24 17:59:36 by RavenU.

Nathan Cairns

The Voice
Image taken on 2012-07-29 21:07:46 by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer.

Auditions For The Voice, Nathan and Sharron

The Voice
Image taken on 2012-09-06 19:36:16 by johngarghan.

TF2: Meet the Voice Actor – The Scout (Nathan Vetterlein)

Hey-hey! I’m Dr. Ether of EtherCast! [EXPAND FOR MUSIC AND MORE INFO] Music used: Intro: Thriller (instrumental version) – Michael Jackson Outro: MST3K credits theme I’m pretty drunk right now, so enjoy this video. Surprisingly, this guy doesn’t have many voice credits, but he does a lot of stuff on YouTube, so I had to make a montage. And anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage. Even Rocky had a montage. Also, trying a new intro theme: An instrumental version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Sorry, Vince DiCola.

Nathan Blake South Charleston Rec Center (Proud Mary)

Leatha Pelzel hosted the 2nd edition of the WV Zumba Party in South Charleston WV. Nathan Blake brings his all when he comes to town. Check him out in this clip. Enjoy!

Nathan Blake catches Girls of Zumba Team New York (ZTNY) in Action

Blake has a group called Zumba Team New York or ZTNY. Who are Zumba instructor who use the fitness talents for Fundraisers or Charity events. The groups has been together for about 2-3 years, and now is becoming quite successful in then New York area at raising money for good causes. There are 12 or more girls in the group with members in different cities and countries across the world. Donna aka “Crazy Legs” and Veronica aka ” KRAZY OR KRAZZZZ” as only Blake calls her. She actually has another Zumba name. Linh aka ” BaBy” and Jaclyn aka ” JQ’…. are the girls in this video. All round the Tri-state area of New York…. Contact Blake if you would like ZTNY for a Fundraiser for a Charity or Master class ……