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need some example names for a bounce house rental business?

Starting a bounce house rental business with also some other party rentals… I need some examples for naming the business… please…

where can i find an interactive usa map where you fill in the state’s names?

I am taking a test and would like to do some practice online. An interactive map that shows the 50 states and has you either drag or write the name in (then checks you) would be fantabulous! Thank you soooo much.

Can anyone give me some names of any nice musicals you know of?

I need to know about different musical films/performances because I need to choose some songs to sing, so please if anyone know of any musical even if it’s not so popular it is also good. Pls don’t mention any Jesus Christ Superstar, Sound of music, Sister Act because I already checked them out. Thanks so much!!!

On American Idol show. What is the names of the guys that are producing the albums?

When I was watching American Idol the last 3 episodes. I wanted to know who is the man in baseball hat and blue glasses, that is mentoring the singers during recording and rehearsing for the shows?

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ESPNU Mascots with School Names.

Below I have listed all the school names I know, but if there is an empty spot see if you know it and then let me know what it is in a comment. Thanks for the help. 1. Clemson University- Tigers 2. University of Cincinnati 3. University of FlorIda- Gators 4. Iowa State- Cyclones 5. University of Illinois- Fighting Illini 6. University of Arizona- Wildcats 7. Duke- Blue Devils 8. Marquette University- Golden Eagles 9. University of Connecticut- Huskies 10. University of Georgia- Bulldogs 11. Kansas State- Wildcats 12. Boise State- Broncos 13. University of Indiana- Hoosiers 14. Arizona State- Sun Devils 15. Florida State- Siminoles 16. Providence College- Friars (maybe) 17. Florida International University(FIU)- Golden Panthers or Penn State- Nittany Lions 18. University of Colorado- Buffalos 19. It has to either be Gonzaga or Fresno State 20. University of Iowa- Hawkeyes 21. University of California- Golden Bears 22. Georgia Tech- Yellow Jackets 23. University of South Carolina- Gamecocks 24. University of Kansas- JayHawks 25. University of Hawaii- Warriors 26. DePaul University- Blue Demons 27. University of Michigan- Wolverines 28. University of Oregon- Ducks 29. University of Maryland- Terrapins 30. University of Louisville- Cardinals 31. University of Tennessee- Volunteers 32. University of Missouri- Tigers 33. University of Idaho- Vandal 34. Michigan State- Spartans 35. Oregon State- Beavers 36. University of Miami- Hurricanes 37. Seton Hall University- Pirates 38

JOKE OF THE DAY – Girls’ Names – Sun 9/19/2010

How do you name your child? Do you name it by referencing old dead people you feel like you should care about? Do you name it by coming up with a random word that has nothing to do with traditional names? Or do you randomly search baby names in search engines and click on a random one until you find something you like? There are many ways to do it. But I like this one best! Wholesome Lane is a sketch comedy channel. Our shows include “Happy Sad Song” – covers of the saddest songs, “Write Three Words” – you give us three words and we make a comedic sketch out of it, and other fun and interactive games and videos. TAGS: Joke Of The Day Douch Douchebag “Daily Joke” Every Funny Hysterical Joker Jester Wild Crazy Ridiculous Girl Humping Air Comical Comedy Morning Afternoon Night Gym Talk What Happens Terrible Fruit Throwing Bad Lesbians bar liquor Blind Guy Man Disaster Blonde Truck Driver Angry Circle Atoms Biology Teacher Science Donkey Crossing Crosses Why Gay Dinosaur Jersey Shore “Gulf Oil Spill”

What are some good names for rides at a religious theme amusement park? The Holy Roller Coaster?

What are some good names for fundraisers for children with cancer?

What are all the different Halo 2 bad guys, what are their names, and their weaknesses?

I have played Halo 2 at my friends House, and I do not own an XBox, or a XBox 360, but I think that will change in a few days.

I don’t get to play much, and am trying to improve my game.

I know only a few things–this is an example of how unknowldgeable I am. I was playing a level against the “Flood”, and punched a flood 6 times. Then it killed me. I asked my friend “WHY DIDNT IT DIE?!” and he said: Punching it doesn’t hurt it.

so, this is what I know so far:

needlers–i lov’em!
sniper rifle: its hard to find!
battle rifle: what does it look like?
assault rifle: what does it look like?
rocket launcher: I love love love!!!!
plasma grenades=fun.
regular grenades=bounce off walls fun.
plasma sword: HOW DO I DEFEAT PPL WITH SWORDS!!!????!???
What are the other weapons I dont know and didn’t mention?
1. little bug guys that try to jump on you. they are tiny. what are they called?
2. ones with messed up hands, that have sword-type dashy attack. what are they called?
3. exploding flood? i think they are a different type. what are they called?
1. mini covenant are called grunts.
2. coventant with sniper rifles and shields are called what?
3. giant giant covenant are…hunters?
4. covenant that run after you annoyingly are brutes, right?
5. thats all of them?
banshee: thats the flying vehicles, right? its purple?
warthog: thats the spartan jeep?
ghost: thats the mini hover thingy?
tank: whats it called?
covenant tank: whats it called?

thats all the vehicles…right?