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Peep and the Big Wide World: The Mystery of the Thing That Went and Came Back

Peep sets sail (accidentally) in the Good Ship Easter Egg. For interactive games for kids, activities for parents to do with their kids, and resources for pr…

What’s a good interactive pc mystery game.?

I have seen csi and nancy drew etc. I am interested in something not tooo complicated but, fun. I love sims but, am getting bored with it. any suggestions. oh and I don’t really like big time science fiction (monsters/aliens etc) If you list a game
can you briefly tell me why you like it? ty!

olga kay interactive mystery game?

I know what the clues are but I’m stuck

the start video
the game board

someone help?

How to write your own storyline/characters for Clue/murder mystery themed party?

Hey! I’m thinking of having a clue/murder mystery type party for my birthday. But I can’t afford to spend $50 on some kit that you just print out and that doesn’t even include costumes or anything else. I need to save that money for party food etc. So I’m instead thinking of writing my own storyline.I want it to be somewhat like clue, as in that it’s like a live interactive game. I’m creative and love writing, but am new at it and also not sure how to go about actually inventing a mystery. Could y’all give me some ideas and tips? I really love both the 20’s as well as the late 1950’s/60’s (think bye bye birdie) but am open to most anything. I think a wild west one would be fun too! I also would love it if there were kinda complex original character’s that are very different from one another with interesting backgrounds and maybe even accents of a type? I’m an aspiring actress and a lot of my friends coming are into acting as well and so it’ll be so fun to get to actually be a character for the party. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, keep it clean (no drugs, bad language, etc) Love interests are ok, but it can’t be too mushy. I have several people on my guest list that are very conservative and would be easily offended. Thank you!

What is a good murder mystery game for my Halloween dinner party?

I’m having a Halloween party and will be inviting 6 couples. I want to do something fun and interactive because not everyone knows each other very well. I also wanted to do a theme party and wanted to encourage everyone to dress up. I decided a murder mystery dinner party would be really fun, so I did some searching online to find one. I found so many different types of games and so many different stories I can buy. Has anyone hosted a fun murder mystery dinner party? What game did you use? What were some things that worked and some things that didn’t? Any other suggestions?

Which murder mystery?

I have two ways of doing a murder mystery, im planning on passing out flyers around at my school, and hopefully some students and parents and teachers will come. but first how should I plan this? this waya theater style murder mystery dinner. During these you sit at your own table and actors stage everything. They will interact with the audience and you will try to solve the murder they stage. Solving the murder, with some comic entertaining along the way, is the goal of this type of venue. It is enjoyable in the sense that it requires no planning, no organizing etc…
or Interactive games. In addition to needing to solve the murder, each guest has other goals and objectives. There are no scripts to read. Guests have game money for bribing and blackmailing. The murder usually takes place at the party. While there is a set solution to the murder, how the guests achieve their other goals is entirely up to them

Which one would you go to and which one would you pay more its a dinner

How do you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Game?

I am a pretty creative person who loves throwing dinner parties and thought a dinner murder mystery game party would be kind of cool however I don’t want to purchase a kit over the internet when it might be easy to put together on its own. Has anyone here thrown one before and if so how does it work and what do you need… instructions are helpful 🙂 Thanks!

Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness trailer

Antarctica, 1931: An expedition team is found dead at the foot of mysterious mountain range. Polar researcher Lynn Morgan and her associate want to find out, what happened. During their trek to the other side of the mountains they make a discovery that seems to bring all previous beliefs into question: A fallen thousand-year-old city, its monumental structures and epic secrets frozen in eternal ice. Who or what built this place? Is it the creation of an unknown primitive people? Ancient Spirits? Or worse? Buy the full version of this game now for thousands of cleverly hidden clues, thrilling mini-games, and a chilling story inspired by the master of strange fiction!

Murder Mystery Party | Murder Mysteries | Murder Mystery in Los Angeles Dial M Murder Mysteries – Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Dial “M” is for murder . . .murder mystery dinner theme party planners, that is. The perfect social mixer, our parties are “To Die For.” With everyone a suspect, our murder mystery dinner theme party planners create an unforgettable evening of laughs and drama-often personalized to your guest list. Professional actors ignite the plot and our sound engineer provide a custom murder mystery soundtrack as Detective Riley encourages guests to piece together clues and solve the mystery. With our high quality sound system, experienced sound engineers and wireless microphones for each member of the cast, this production is a top of the line corporate event. Make your next corporate event a show-stealer. Call our murder mystery dinner theme party planners today! About the show… “A Party You’ll Die For” The show begins with a “Get Acquainted Before You Die Party” where the actors pose as guest. From the moment you meet the Mistress of Murder the plot begins to thicken. Each guest will be given one half of a clue card. They will search for the person with the other half of their clue, find a match and the mystery is a foot. We will set up the guests of your choice as suspects. They are framed and become part of the show. Dial M will personalize your party when given funny inside information about your guests or company to make your event one-of-a-kind. In between the courses of dinner

Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – Winged Creatures

For as long as humans have walked this planet, we have been haunted by tales of mysterious winged beasts. Who is Mothman? Do Thunderbeings really exist? Is Mexico home to an unidentified Birdman? The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit travels to Point Pleasant in the USA, where residents are still haunted by unexplained sightings of a mysterious winged creature they’ve called Mothman. In the 1960’s they watched in disbelief as this beast chased speeding cars and leapt onto the roofs of tall buildings. Daniel and Natalie investigate the legend of the Thunderbird and talk with the Passamaquoddy tribe of Native Americans. Can their medicine men really transform themselves into giant winged Thunderbeings? They then travel to Mexico, where as recently as 2003, multiple sightings of winged humanoids were making headlines. Will the Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit solve the riddle of these winged creatures? Was there a government conspiracy to cover-up Mothman? How much of this mystery is real and how much folklore is behind the sightings of large winged creatures that are said to inhabit our skies?