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Whosie! See Who You’re Most Like! | Interactive Games

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Whosie! See who you’re most like! Lela, Cece, or Kaity! 🙂 If you liked this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe! If you chose Cece: You’re shy and sma…

Cliff Hanger, the steepest, fastest, and most thrilling slide in the world! Located in sunny Southern California, eInflatables is a leading manufacturer of quality and affordable inflatable play structures…

most amusement parks like six flags has height reguirements to ride the rides right?? what about the dwarf’s

are they okay to ride it???

Kris Allen was the most boring contestant on American Idol, agreed?

Jeez. Talk about putting me sleep. He’s a 23 year old, is married, and from Arkansas. (YAWN) He has an average look, average voice, and no star quality. He should be named Hollister Idol, not American Idol. I seriously do not get what is so fantastic about him. How did such a boring contestant get paired up with the most UNIQUE contestant in the finale?
It’s okay, Adam will make a whole lot more money than Kris will. 🙂

What is the most family friendly Ski Resort on the US East Coast?

Most Haunted – S12E03 – West Virginia State Penitentiary

What is the most realistic/fun American Idol video game?

I love American Idol and I’ve heard of video games that are like the show. There are quite a few to choose from though.

What will you remember most about Michael Jackson, the king of pop?

I will remember his famous moonwalk!
rip michael jackson
you will be missed
but your music will forevermore live on!
There is no proof that he molested this child!back then everyone wanted money!
Why would he harm a child?he LOVES children and treats them very nicely.He is The GREATESt and you need to seriously flick off
to rob G its false because the dad of the kid that got “molested” made him say that he got molested when he really didnt its all LIES

The most gorgeous Tents for Weddings and Events

Conservatories, orangeries, marquees, tents for prestigious wedding, parties and events throughout Europe.

What was your most successful school fundraiser?

Any details are appreciated. This is for an elementary school in Arizona, but any ideas are welcome! Thank you!