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Sticky-Footed Climbing Robot Could Mean Safer Spacewalks for Astronauts

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Researchers from the European Space Agency and Simon Fraser University developed a sticky-footed crawling robot which could mean safer spacewalks for astrona…

Don’t even bounce, not in my house…what does this mean?

These are part of the lyrics from ‘I Love College’, but what does this line mean?

“Don’t even bounce, not in my house…”?

I was doing the moonwalk on rollerblades in my dream…what does this mean?

ive never done this in real life, and last night i dreamed that i was on rollerblades doing the moonwalk while my grandpa said “awesome” then i woke up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

Can you do a fundraiser for a band? And I mean professional musicians.?

I’m on the street team for a band, and we need to raise money to order shirts. The profits of the shirts will go to help the band on tour. Will I be allowed to have a fundraiser to get money for the shirts? My mother told me that only girl scouts and other non-profit groups were allowed to have fundraisers like car washes and bake sales. So can someone help out my dilemma? And if you have any ideas for a fundraiser, please list them, it’d be greatly appreciated<33

What does it mean to Pagans/Wiccan when the moon turns orange/red?

What dose my rental contract mean? Our landlord sold our house without giving us written notice?

My Landlord never gave us written notice and this is what our contract says
Word for word
Sale of Dwelling ; if owner sells this dwelling or otherwise transfers its ownership to another party, they shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving Tenant written notice of at least sixty days, not with standing any conflicting occupancy right Tenant might have under a fixed term agreement. Should Tenant have conflicting occupancy rights guaranteed by law, however, those legal rights shall prevail.

So our landlord never gave a written notice and new landlord wants us to sign new contract today. Do this mean we have 60 days to sign a new contract? Do we have any right? We rent month to month.

What does it mean when your gf puts your hands on her boobs?

She did this when we were in line for a ride at an amusement park. I don’t know what to think or who to ask, so please help!

What does it mean to have a “warm” sounding voice?

I don’t understand. I was told I have a warm sounding voice. But I’ve never heard of a voice being warm or cold, bright or dark before.
And I’m in chorus. That’s when they said that too me.
I forgot to mention that.

What does it mean in a dream if you are afraid of being mangled on a dangerous amusement ride?

What does it mean for a deep voice to even out?

I’m 14 and my voice is deep. I sound like a grown man. People told me mg voice will “even out”. What does that mean? Will my voice get higher? Because I don’t want to lose my deep voice. It’s cool.