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Why are they demolishing all the good rides at amusement parks lately?

They got rid of the Space Spiral at Cedar Point last year, and now they just demolished the Texas Chute Out at Six Flags in Arlington the other day. Only to replace them with rides that I would never go on.

Has anyone done a cookbook as a fundraiser lately?

We are thinking of doing a fundraiser cookbook at our school. However there are tons of companies out there. Just wondering if anyone has done one lately, and, if so, what they thought of the company?

Colton Dixon – Lately – Studio Version – American Idol 11 Top 13

Colton Dixon in the recording studio covering “Lately” by Stevie Wonder. Copyright © 19 Recordings Available for download on iTunes

Colton Dixon – “Lately” – American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performance (HQ)

Colton Dixon – “Lately” – American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performance (HQ) — Stevie Wonder tribute night performance on American Idol. Video provided by: Tags: Colton Dixon Lately American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performance HQ “Colton Dixon” “Colton Dixon Lately” “Stevie Wonder Tribute” “American Idol 2012”

American Idol 2011 Top 13 – Stefano Langone (Lately)

© Video content from Fremantle International – American Idol 2011 on FOX Theme: Your Personal Idol Song : “Lately” by Stevie Wonder

Whats up with CNN lately, its like they’re trying to incite a race war?

All day long they keep bringing up race and racist, and minority’s. They attack the Arizona immigration law 24/7 and all they ever have to offer is a one sided argument that its racial profiling and that all they want to do in Arizona is racially profile even though 63% of their own viewers disagree, 70+% of those in Arizona disagree, and 60+% of Americans disagree.

Yesterday they were doing some story about how bad black people have it, followed by the immigration debate saying its racial profiling again, then went to another story about black farmers looking for justice, then onto some unrelated story about a black farmer in Kansas..

Today they are attacking some republican trying to create racism where it doesn’t exist with a black guest and Hispanic host, and there was a commercial playing right before this story for this AC360 “in-depth report” about racism tonight, “what have you taught your children about race”..

I’m not racist and have no problem with them bringing up topics like this but its 24/7 lately, way over exaggerated they beat it all day long. Are most of their viewers minorities or something?

Example, look at the three “Latest News” articles on the left in the US section..

Earlier there was a Malcolm X / MLK story on there too, with another article about racial prejudiced against black farmers right above it..

Why is S. Palin getting so much attention from the Lib media lately?

Its gotta be cuz of her book, right?.. I mean, I turn on “Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann” and he had her on his “#1” thingy or whatever.. then on AC360 they were talkin about her, then just a minute ago I flip it to the Rachel Maddow re-run and there she is again…
to YQ – do you know.. its ironic cuz they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. “Let him run!” and when he got the Repub nomination in ’80, Jimmy Carter, along w/ some of his supporters were celebrating.. they thought they had an easy win. Well you know how that tunred out…
crown royal – what programs has she been on?

fred k – actually the exact opposite is true.

Don S – the enemy of who? she wouldnt be getting any attnetion in the first place if they wouldve just forgotten about her…( like after the election was over). Now, the liberal media, who hate her so much — theyre just adding flames to their own fire.
г๏๓คгє – no, i wasnt joking. DID you even read my question? ..not just the first part? it doesn take a brain surgeon to realize that the liberal media is always bashing her for no apparent reason, it would be quite acceptable to get at least “fair” coverage of someone, not currently running for office at all. YOU are the one trying to “turn it around” into something… so, yeah.

My eight-year old has been saying some really hurtful things lately, and seems ungrateful for anything?

His birthday party is today. This is the last year that we are going to one of those places with all of the moonwalks because they are so expensive.

We took him to Joe’s Crab Shack last night, and gave him all kinds of presents just from us (the parents). He has been saying little things that make him seem like such an ingrate, and I am really at the end of my rope.

Last night, I was singing along with a song that came on, and he said, “Can you sing that in your head?”

I replied, “No. I will sing it out loud if I want to. Deal with it.”

He retorted, “Well, you’re annoying me, and it needs to stop.”

MY father would have popped me in the mouth for that, and I wouldn’t get anything cool from them for a LONG time (if ever) if I said something like that.

What is his problem? Is this normal? How do I deal with this?
Some of the things that he says are not things that he hears around here. I know that he hears some of it from school. He may hear some of it from TV (which is going to be going away for a while).

Every time I correct him, he gets this blank stare on his face, and I almost want to to shake him back into attention (but I know that’s not right).

I’m getting so frustrated. It’s not like he’s never gotten a spanking. He gets them whenever they are needed. It’s not like there is no structure. There is.

This month, so far, in school, he’s had just as many bad days as he has had good days.