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Can a lady who wears hijab go to the amusement park and ride roller coasters?

Since there is a big risk that the hijab will come flying off, is it haram for ladies to ride roller coasters??

What kind of guy first compares your lady parts to an amusement park?

and then ends up being afraid of going on the ride?
JB obviously you can’t find the on button, you’re too small for the ride!!!
neither was I 😉

The Official Assassin’s Podcast – Lady Liberty! (feat. Amber Goldfarb)

Podcast Show – Welcome to episode 3 of the new season of the Assassin’s Podcast, and we move on to some Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Talk. Co-hosted by UbiDii and myself, we are joined by Jill Murray (Writer on AC: Liberation) and Amber Goldfarb, who is the voice actress of Aveline de Grandpré in game. Timestamps and relevant links can be found below. 0:53 – Amber’s history and background with Assassin’s Creed 3:27 – Thoughts on being the voice of the first playable, female Assassin 4:06 – Amber’s love of playing accented characters 5:37 – Aveline’s background 6:56 – Community Question 1 9:54 – Community Question 2 10:35 – Intermission 10:47 – Kotaku article on Aveline’s mixed heritage compared to Amber’s 12:46 – Community Question 3 13:55 – Preparations for a voice role 15:38 – Community Question 4 16:28 – Community Question 5 17:28 – The future for female leads in videogames and the industry 19:37 – Sign Off and Information UbiDii on Facebook – UbiDii on Twitter – UbiDii on Tumblr – Jill Murray on Twitter – Jill Murray’s Website – Amber Goldfarb on Twitter – Amber on Facebook – Amber Goldfarb’s Website – I have full, written permission (available on request) from Ubisoft to use their trailers and promotional footage officially released and distributed by them, as well as captured video footage highlights of Ubisoft

Where does a lady turn when she wants to learn breakdancing?

Now please, I don’t need to spin on my head or hop along on one arm. I just wanna pop and lock, moonwalk, do the robot, etc. Are there any schools left that teach this?

This Week in YouTube – Lady Gaga’s House of Bounce, and Jane Lynch on iPhone 4G

On today’s This Week In Youtube #102, the Bounce House of Lady Gaga opens for business, Jane Lynch and Kassem G talk cellular, and Mortal Kombat: Rebirth! Join Lon Harris and Kat Steel as they bring you the hottest videos on Youtube. Salma Hayek scared to death by snake: MORTAL KOMBAT: LEAKED iPhone 4 ad w/ Jane Lynch and Kassem G: 2 PIECE (So Cosmo): Baby Gaga – “Telephone”: BP Spills Coffee:

Just Dance – Justin Bieber Boyfriend, Glee Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, 1D Tour, SNL Josh Brolin

Justin Bieber’s racy new video for his song “Boyfriend.” The world premiere of an exclusive clip from Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video aired on The Voice April 17, 2012. ArielleIsHamming gives us her review. Glee follows up their “Saturday Night Glee-ver” episode with a Whitney Houston tribute…

Big Lady TAKES OUT a Slide Full of KIDS

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Harry’s Afro Hut – C’mon Lady (Bounce Nation Mix)

Harry’s Afro Hut — C’mon Lady (Monsoon & Dreamwurx Remixes) Label: Bounce Nation – HUT 001 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: UK Released: 2004 Genre: Electronic Style: House Turntable: Technics SL-1210MK2 Cartridge: Ortofon Concorde Pro S Sound Card: Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 24bit/96kHz rip using Audacity (2% tempo increase fer’t crack!)

Lady GaGa – Love Game[Kev Rov 2010 Donk Remix]

Love game remix. Took me a couple of hours. Feedback welcome

Movers & Shakers – Ad man Harish Bhimani and the beautiful lady Fleur Xavier – Episode 124

In this one, Shekhar talks about the different thriller programs and it’s impact on society and also about innovative taxes and budgets. The first guest on the show is the voiceover artist and advertiser Harish Bhimani who talks about the voice elocution and his stint on the TV show Mahabharat. He also comes up with some witty one liners to the products giver Shekhar. The second guest on the show is the beautiful model Fleur Xavier who talks about her career in modelling and her obsession with collecting mementos Movers and Shakers is a late night talk show that was hosted by popular comedy actor Shekhar Suman on Sony Entertainment Television. The show comprised of an opening monologue followed by comedy routines interviews and performances. Close to 500 celebrities were interviewed by Shekhar Suman on the show. Launched in 1997 the show was a huge hit and it catapulted Shekhar Suman to stardom making him one of India’s most popular TV Actors.