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Michael Jackson’s Greatest Moonwalks

My Newest Tribute To The King Of Pop Enjoy!

Pony Moonwalks to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean

Some commercial featuring a pony moonwalking.

In Michael Jacksons autobiography ‘Moonwalk’…..?

is it exactly the same as the one availiable online
link here

or is there more stuff in the book

In Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk…?

In my copy of Moonwalk, there are Michael’s drawings on some of the pictures inside…Like on the cover of This Place Hotel, he drew on some of the faces, and they are dated in the 90’s or something…but as far as I know, the book was not re-released….Does your Copy of Moonwalk have the same drawings?
yeah, the actual book. There are like pictures and everything in there, but Michael drew on some of them, and there are little drawings of his here and there in the book. ( I have the hardback.)

michael jacksons favorite amusement ride from his neverland ranch?

i heard that the king of pops favorite amusement ride from his neverland ranch is on public display at the arizona mills mall in tempe arizona, anyone know about it

what do you think of michael jacksons music and its impact on the world?

i personally think he changed the all musicions make music and videos(especially with thriller).

So please put what you think of the king of pop…………Mj

Michael Jacksons Best Dance Move ?

what do you think michael’s best dance move is ??

why is michael jackson’s dance the moonwalk called what it is?

Is michael Jackson’s Book MoonWalk still being printed or are they going to start printing it again?

whats michael jacksons best move?

thriller, moonwalk, etc.