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interesting new amusement rides skynet bumper car

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The amusement rides skynet bumper car( is a popular welcomed park rides, it it a thrilling but exciting amusement rides, an…

interesting new!kids playground rides mini shuttle, amusement park rides

the kids playground rides mini shuttle( contains a lot of interesting elements, led lights, music, cartoon appearance, which all make i…

interesting new amusement park rides samba balloon

amusement park rides samba balloon( is an interesting and exciting entertainment equipment rides, it is also a family suita…

What is an interesting major event of the 60’s or 70’s?

I have to write a speech about an event from the 1960’s or 70’s. I honestly suck at public speaking so I don’t want to choose anything too complicated. I just want something that will be easy enough to write a decent speech on but still interesting nonetheless.

So any ideas? (Leave out Woodstock, The Beatles, Martin Luther King anything, Moonwalk, Watergate, or John F. Kennedy) They’re taken already.

I need interesting websites to go on. Any ideas?

I am 12 years of age and I have been very bored because I never have any websites to go on. I would prefer websites with interactive games. Thanks so much!

What are some really interesting biographies to read/ books about people from history?

I’m looking for some books about people in history to read, but interesting. Also some biographies.
Anyone from athletes, musicians, to queens/kings will work.
I’m planning on reading the new Cleopatra book and The Other Boleyn Girl and a book about Marie Antoinette, but do you have any more suggestions?

Can you write an interesting EASTER story that includes these words in this oprder??

As you know….This is not homework…I am WAY past that….Merely good,wholesome fun on YA.


What is a fun and interesting fundraiser for school?

Hi my name is Summer and I wanted to put together a fundraiser to raise money for a children’s hospital or something else can someone please help by giving me some ideas that can get the school to have fun and fundraise and also some important things to fundraise for

I need ideas to make a real estate rental blog interesting and fun to read.?

Hi I work in Real estate and I am starting a blog, the only thing is I would like to make it interesting. I am 24 and i read real estate rental blogs they are all informative but they bore me to death. I’m in Manhattan and want something that would reach a younger crowd. Any ideas on what I could add to it besides the 1 million apartments for rent in the city?

How to Interesting Inflatables For Kids?

How to Interesting Inflatables For Kids