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Rental car coverage for liability insurance?

I was in an accident earlier today.

It was the other party’s fault. They ran the red light while my light was green, and I was t-boned right in the middle of the intersection. I’ve done all the steps such as filing a police report and whatnot. My car isn’t able to be driven, and was towed to a junk yard.

With that said, I need a rental car. However, I only have liability insurance. I called my insurance company (21st), and they said they will not provide rental coverage for me because I only have liability. But if I do get a rental vehicle, I will have to pay out of pocket.

Will I be reimbursed by the other party’s insurance company for my rental car costs because it was their fault? What factors into whether or not I do get reimbursed?

Does at fault party’s insurance cover rental car insurance?

A commercial vehicle backed into my parked truck. Their insurance is covering a rental truck but I was told that I would be responsible for the $30 a day insurance cost for the rental. Is this correct? Shouldn’t at fault party’s be responsible for this expense?

other partys insurance paying rental?

i took my truck to a mechanic on tuesday and they didnt latch my hood. when i drove away, it opened while i was driving not 2 blocks from the shop and caused 2,300 in damages. my truck has a busted windsheild and a hood that doesnt close among other damages. this truck is not safe to drive and i need a car, especially with school starting monday. what do i tell their insurance company to cover the rental fees? i already made a claim yesterday and sent in an estimate from the bodyshop. BTW im in california

Will insurance cover rental while car is being repaired?

I was in a wreck yesterday and my vehicle is not in operable condition. My insurance company says that until an investigation is complete, I am unable to to rent a car to provide my day to day transportation. It could be a few days until the investigation is complete. According to the report, it was the other drivers fault. I have no transportation until the insurance company gives me the ok. Is this right? I think I should be able to get a rental right away and have it covered.

Car rental insurance.?

At the age of 28 me and my husband had to make are first claim ever because of a car accident. Someone hit are SUV in the back and we had to get the SUV repaired. My husband use’s that vehicle for work. He has loads of parts and junk that he has to keep in the vehicle for his job. So when we went and got a rental we got an SUV to replace the SUV that was in the shop. A sedan would not have fit are needs! We have full coverage and this was not are fault! But we just turned in the rental after 3 weeks and 3 days and had to pay 170.00 out of pocket! We are not rich nor well off. That money we used for that is the money we us for food! We are pay day to pay day kind of people regardless how much we work or earn! So please. If their is any way any of you could help us understand why we have to pay 170.00 out of are own pocket because someone damaged are vehicle it would be nice. If anyone knows a way to get the insurance companies to cover it and reimburse us please help us out. We had no clue what we where doing and still dont.

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I need some legal advice about an insurance claim I submitted to my car insurance agent?

I actually have two claims and wondered if I will get reimbursed.
1) $379,431.34 requested reimbursement for repairs to my truck cabin. The damage was caused by attacking fighter jets.

2) $665,789.11 requested reimbursement for repairs to my trailer. I claimed the damage was caused by a giant mechanical scorpion, which I can only assume is some amusement-park ride, although I question the wisdom of bringing my mobile home so close to such dangerous equipment.
Since becoming a Acme Insurance customer in January of this year, I have reported 131 accidents, requesting reimbursement for repairs necessitated by each one. I also have claimed not to be responsible in any of them, usually listing the cause of the accident as either “Sneak attack by Decepticons” or “Unavoidable damage caused by protecting freedom for all sentient beings.”

Do you think I’ll win this time?

What type of insurance should I get on a vacation home / rental?

I am purchasing a second home near Canyon Lake, Texas. This house will be occupied by me or my immediate family approximately 50% of the year. The other half, I plan on short term rentals (3-5 days at a time). What would be the appropriate insurance(s) for this? I also plan to live in this second house full time in approximately 5 years, if that makes any difference.

Insurance question about accident with parked motorcycle?

A minivan rental car backed into my motorcycle today and caused a whole bunch of damage.

Is it possible my insurance rates will go up even if I’m not at fault? Because the bike was parked when this happened (no one driving) do I need to tell insurance companies about it when shopping for a new policy?
also, who is responsible in this case: the rental car agency or the drivers personal insurance?