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Apollo Moon Landing, Hoax or Not?

1969 Moon Landing Hoax?

Do you feel the Apollo moon landing was a hoax? I would love to hear from alot of you that were alive and old enough to have an opinion even when it was “happening”.

Before you answer consider a few things that have been put into question about the event:

1- How could the American flag blow in the breeze on the moon when its an airless atmosphere?
2- There are no stars above the horizon in any of the “on the moons surface” pictures.
3- There was no visible disturbance in the soil from the high powered thrust engines of the landing module, yet Aldrin made a nice footprint in it when he 1st stepped onto its surface.
4- How did they get thru the Van Allen Belts and not die of extreme radiation exposure?
5- Of the 7 manned missions to the Moon, only Apollo 13 had trouble. That’s an astounding 86% success rate. SINCE then 25 unmanned craft have been sent to Mars with only 7 succeeding which is a 28% success rate.
6- If the moons gravity is 1/6 of Earths then the astronauts should not have merely bounced across the surface but reached heights of ten feet or greater per leap.

The theories and so called evidence to argue either side go on and on and on. But whats your opinion on it and why?
Ok Ok
1st- I have not made a final judgement on the validity of this event.
2nd- I do not draw my info from any tv show. My question actually originates from a simple article that asked a few simple questions and pointed out a few things that to most commoners would seem odd.
3rd- I believe there is no low that our government would not sink to in order to remain the top dog of this world, INCLUDING faking this event to “win” the race to the moon. (again the jury in my head is still deliberating on this. I just would not put it past them.)

Your responses thus far are great. TY
How incredibly scientific it is of you to defend an event (that I am not even attacking) with responses like “youre an idiot”, “you dont know what your talking about.”. If teachers are responding to students who question events in history this way no wonder we have so many drop outs.
Try backing your comments rather then insulting people for asking them.
What I do know from earlier science is that old photography film is very sensitive to radiation. Wouldnt solar radiation have damaged photos take off-world?
Note I am not trying to debunk this event. I am merely trying to understand how they pulled these marvels off.

How did the Moon Landing Hoax impact society??

I would like to know a list of why people think the moon landing was a hoax?

like the moon has no shadow and what not no wind for the flag to be waving.

Why so many questions about “are there aliens” and moon hoax conspiracies?

I mean seriously. Come on people. At least read the answers to other peoples’ dumb questions before posting your own identical dumb question.

For the last time – aliens are statistically certain to exist *somewhere* out there, but we’ve never seen them. And Nasa DID go to the moon, several times, they left a frikkin mirror up there that people can STILL bounce a laser off and detect the reflection!

Sanjaya’s Hair on Ebay? or American Idol Hoax?

Apart from budding talents, American Idol is known for its knack to popularize and sensationalize its participants. Its current sixth season has undeniably showcased a number of controversial personalities, whether about the show’s participants, its infamous judges or its former contestants. The most controversial at present is the finalist Sanjaya Malakar who has been the subject of several media outlets for nearly a whole month now.

Sanjaya, a 17-year old native of Federal Way, Washington, attended Shorecrest High School and transferred to Todd Beamer High School. However, he left school to pursue a career in the music industry. He tried out for American Idol in Seattle, Washington and has now made it as one of the top 9 finalists.

Aside from his questionable survival on American Idol, Sanjaya hits the spotlight once more with his much talked about “ponyhawk” hair, referred by host Ryan Seacrest. Apparently, the hype of Sanjaya’s hair prompted someone to take advantage of the all the hullabaloo and transform it as a lucrative opportunity. At present, a lock of Sanjaya’s hair is on Ebay with a starting bid of US $0.01.

The ad on Ebay says, “Find the Idol Grail…the Hair of Sanjaya! Now some of you may profess devotion to Melinda Doolittle or one of the other talented contestants that grace this stage but you all know, deep in your hearts, that the true star of this, nay, all seasons, is Sanjaya’s Flowing locks.

This is your only chance to own your very own piece of musical history!

Think of the possibilities; knitting, voodoo, tea! Don’t let this opportunity to pass you by, the Nigel-Troopers are now on alert so it won’t come again. Act now!”

Authentic or not, it appears that fans and spectators alike are getting wiser in moot offers such as this. So far, it has only obtained 1 bid since the order opened March 27.

For more resources about American Idol and especially about Sanjaya’s Hair on Ebay? Or American Idol Hoax? please reivew this website

For more resources about American Idol and especially about Sanjaya’s Hair on Ebay? Or American Idol Hoax? please reivew this website