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Hillary Clinton West Virginia Primary Victory Speech

Hillary Clinton, May 13, 2008.

Why does Hillary not believe in affirmative action?

Why does not Hillary believe in affirmative action and give Obama and extra say,50 delegates.we all know there has never been a black president It’s the ‘big tent’ party Come on Hillary put your delegates in his camp to make up for all the past injustices What do you think?
So Hillary is going to do the right What she is telling the rest of us to accept
wannahug You want me to wait to vote till i get an ed Well you wait till you get your manhood? Deal?
wannahug You want me to wait to vote till i get an ed Well you wait till you get your manhood? Deal?

Now that Obama is the Democrat’s American Idol of yesteryear….will Hillary run in 2012?

She seems to be gaining far more experience than she had running for president in 2008, as Sec of State

Why did the owner of Fox News hold fundraisers for Hillary Clinton & donate to Anthony Wiener?

It’s a matter of public record… there’s more to the news than what Glenn Beck tells you.

How many percentage points do you think Hillary will when West Virginia by?

Also, what does the current polling data state?

Is there any proof that Rupert Murdoch has been holding fundraisers for Hillary Clinton?

Rupert Murdoch is the billionaire owner of Fox news.

Include links to your evidence (if you have any). Thank you.

when Hillary Clinton win the presidency in west Virginia today will she get out and unite her party?

of course hillary will win the presidency in west virginia today. but afterward will she get out gracefully and unite the demacrated party? i will have my popcorn and soda watching to see how hillary and the media spin this one ,what say you ? lol
just a little fun at the expense of the hillary clinton supporters who think with a win in west virginia that she will win the dems nomination .lol

When Hillary wins today in West Virginia will it then be incumbent upon?

The leaders of the Democratic party to demand Obama withdraw from the race, without West Virginia McCain will win so is it time for Obama to withdraw?

To determine the Democratic nominee, should Obama and Hillary star on American Idol and see who rates better?

I can see Hillary singing the song “She use to be my girl” while Bill plays the saxophone. Then Obama goes on stage sing “Brick House” in which he will substitute the words “white” for “brick” as his wife will say “finally for the first time I’m proud of my American idol. Paula Abdul will give them the same score and recommend them to the “Gong Show”.

Is Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein’s Vision Of A Hillary Clinton Presidency Accurate?

The answer by now seems obvious: It will look like her presidential campaign, which in turn looks increasingly like the first Clinton presidency.

Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners politics, some very good policy ideas, a presidential spouse given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of aides and surrogates pushed under the bus when things don’t go right. Which is to say, often.

And endless psychodrama: the essential Clintonian experience that mesmerizes the press, confuses the citizenry, confounds members of both parties in Congress (not to mention the Clintons themselves, at times) and pretty much keeps the rest of the world constantly amused and fixated.